2021 Eurovision in review


Blind Channel – ‘Dark Side’

The first of this evenings finals ended with a massive victory for Blind Channel and their song ‘Dark Side’ who will now go forward to represent Finland at Eurovision in May.

The six piece band who describe their music as ‘violent pop’ were the pre show favourites and romped to victory winning both the jury and public votes.

The mantle of producing the (usually) sole obligatory Rock/Metal entry has returned to its most successful proponent Finland, who; with Lordi, are the only country who have thus far managed secure a win at Eurovision with a song from the genre.

Despite its title, ‘Dark side’ is firmly rooted at the commercial end of the rock spectrum, falling somewhere in-between Lordi and Hitari, and the song has enough commercial hooks that all but those with a complete anathema for loud distorted guitars should be able to find something to like here.

Expect lots of pyrotechnics in May at Rotterdam!

National Final performance

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