Victor Crone releases new festive song ‘These Days (Longing for Christmas)’

Victor Crone is back with a festive song called These Days (Longing for Christmas). It is an anthemic and warm song that builds and builds. These Days (Longing For Christmas) is composed by Victor Crone Composer, Stig Rästa, Fred Krieger, Vallo Kikas, Myra Granberg and Marcus Svedin. One of the composers is Stig Rästa who represented Estonia at the 2015 Eurovision […]

Anna Bergendahl tells us ‘It Never Snows In California’

Anna Bergendahl has released a new single to get in the festive game with her song It Never Snows In California. It is a melodic pop country tinged ballad perfect for the season coming up. It Never Snows In California is composed by Anna Bergendahl and David Lindgren Zacharias. Anna represented Sweden at the 2010 Eurovision […]

The Mamas give us ‘A Christmas Night To Remember’ for the festive period

The Mamas have released a festive song called A Christmas Night To Remember. It is a fun and upbeat track and sung in their soulful style to give us some light relief during these difficult times. Just what we need! A Christmas Night To Remember is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores […]


We got the following press release from Warner music. “(Christmas Eve) After Midnight” is the name of Björn Skif’s new Christmas single. A classic crooner ballad with a nice retro feel, recorded in Baggpipe Studio in the Stockholm suburb of Skärmarbrink. The studio is classic ground for Björn: he recorded pretty much all of his 70s […]

Argavan to represent Sweden in the return of Türkvizyon 2020 with song by Ylva & Linda Persson

Argavan has been chosen to represent Sweden at the revamped Türkvizyon 2020 competition. The song is called Dirçəliş (Revival) and will be performed in the Azerbaijani language. Dirçəliş is composed by popular Swedish songwriting duo, Ylva & Linda Persson with lyrics by Elvin Novruzov. The production is by Will Taylor with Ylva and Linda. They also helped […]

Benjamin Ingrosso returns with Swedish track ‘Tänd Alla Ljus’

Benjamin Ingrosso has released a new song performed in Swedish entitled Tänd Alla Ljus (Light all lights). It is a rhythmic and upbeat track that again showcase Benjamin’s smooth vocals. Tänd Alla Ljus is available to purchase or stream from all digital stores. Benjamin performed the song Tänd Alla Ljus at the event Så Mycket Bättre. Benjamin […]

Sanna Nielsen releases brand new song ‘Decembernatt’

Sanna Nielsen makes a welcome return with her new song Decembernatt (December night). It is a charming and warm emotional song with a lovely melody sung beautifully by Sanna. Decembernatt is composed by Peter Kvint and Peter Jacobsson Morén. Sanna represented Sweden at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Undo and of course previously participated several times […]

Steps release cover of ‘Something In Your Eyes’ by Jenny Silver

Steps have released another track from their forthcoming new album ‘What The Future Holds’ due to be released on 27 November. The song is a cover of a song from the 2011 Swedish Melodifestivalen by Jenny Silver – Something In Your Eyes. You can compare the two versions of Something In Your Eyes below. What […]

Listen to Zara & Jessica with their new song ‘Bättre’

Zara & Jessica have released a brand new song entitled Bättre (Better). It is a radio friendly and catchy pop song with good instrumentation and a strong production. The song is dedicated to those people with subtle memory disorders in alliance with Riksförbundet Attention. Bättre is composed by Ylva & Linda Persson, Jessica Wetterstrand Sjöberg, […]

The Mamas release new song ‘Touch The Sky’

The Mamas have returned with a brand new track called Touch The Sky. The song is taken from their forthcoming EP to be released on 25 September. It is a soulful track that showcases the powerful vocals of the girls. The EP will include Touch The Sky as well as the previously released single Let It […]