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Malta: Listen to The Busker X Raquela with ‘Don’t You Tell Me What To Feel’

The Busker X Raquela have released a collaboration song Don’t You Tell Me What You Feel. It is a cool and contemporary and electronic pop song featuring the soulful vocals of Raquela.

Don’t You Tell Me What To Feel is from the ‘X’ EP by The Busker.

The music video was filmed by Luke Borg and directed by Luke with David Jr Meilak and The Busker. The track is produced by The Busker & Raquela and recorded and mixed at SUB Studios. The mastering is courtesy of Metropolis Studios in London.

Raquela has featured several times in the Malta Song For Europe selections (2011, 2013, 2014, 2017).

You can see the music video for Don’t You Tell Me What To Feel below.

Source: ESC Covers


Spain: The songs and finalists for Operación Triunfo Eurovision selection

The six Eurovision candidates of 2017-18 Operación Triunfo (copyright: TVE}
The six Eurovision candidates of 2017-18 Operación Triunfo (copyright: TVE}

The five finalists are now known for the Eurovision selection part of Operación Triunfo in Spain. The lucky finalists are Amaia, Miriam, Alfred, Aitana and Ana Guerra.

There will be nine songs which will be five individual songs by the finalists plus three duets (including a duet including wildcard act, Agoney). One other song is a group song for the five finalists together called Camina, which has already been performed on the OT Christmas Gala show by all of the participants but will be adapted for the five finalists.

Here are the nine acts and songs –

  • AlfredQue Nos Sigan Las Luces 
  • AitanaArde
  • AmaiaAl Cantar 
  • Ana GuerraEl Remedio 
  • MiriamLejos De Tu Piel 
  • Alfred & AmaiaTu Canción 
  • Aitana & Ana GuerraChico Malo 
  • Miriam & AgoneyMagia
  • Alfred, Aitana, Amaia, Ana Guerra & MiriamCamina 

The show will take place on 29 January to start the process of who will represent Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in neighbouring Portugal.

You can see the full OT participants version of Camina below.

Source: TVE; ESC Covers



2017 Makfest festival showcases some top international acts

2017 Makfest logo
2017 Makfest logo

The 2017 Makfest competition will take place over 5th, 6th and 7th October in Štip in FYR Macedonia. Besides some top local acts there will be international stars with some amazing music also with some Eurovision connections.

Let us look at some of the acts taking part –

elena tahmina elvira gunesh vlatkoilievski121_v-contentxl

Macedonian singer Elena Petreska will sing Nešto written by Swedish sisters Ylva and Linda Persson (who have submitted several national final songs for Eurovision and Junior Eurovision) and lyrics are by the 2006 FYR Macedonia Eurovision singer, Elena Risteska. Elena Petreska took part twice in the Macedonian national selections in 2000 with Svetlina and in 2007 with Peam.

Elvira Michieva will represent Azerbaijan. She is currently based in Germany. Elvira took part in the 2010 Azeri Eurovision selection with the song Up, Up composed by Isa Melikov.

Tahmina Niyazova will represent Tajikistan with the song Ti moy svet (You are my light). It is composed by Rolan Seiitbekov (DJ Rolan), who is a top dj and producer from Kyrgyzstan.

Gunesh Abasova will represent Belarus with her song Neba. She has taken part several times in the Belarussian Eurovision national selections.

Vlatko Ilievski will also take part. He represented FYR Macedonia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with Rusinka. The composer of that song, Grigor Koprov, also has a composition in the Makfest and top songwriter and producer, Darko Dimitrov, has composed for the competition. Amongst his Eurovision successes is the 2006 FYR Macedonia entry Ninanajna.

From Finland participating is Sonja Bishop (she has taken part in both Finnish and Latvian Eurovision selections) and from Sweden there is Emanuel Bagge (from Sweden’s Got Talent). Sweden Songs are behind these two talented acts.

IMG_0043 IMG_0039

Stay tuned to ESC Covers for more information about Makfest.

You can see examples of songs by Elena Petreska, Elvira Michieva, Tahmina Niyazova and Gunesh Abasova below. You can also see the 2011 Eurovision song by Vlatko Ilievski.

Source: ESC Covers




It is just over 7 weeks since the final of Eurovision 2017 and there is a big interest from SOUTH AFRICAN artists to cover the songs from 2017. Eurovision South Africa is proud to announce that almost half of the 42 songs have been identified for covering.

Lets take a look at what songs are interesting enough for the SA artists to want to sing it in Afrikaans.

Albania – taken
Armenia – no interest
Australia – already finished
Austria – taken
Azerbaijan – no interest
Belarus – no interest
Belgium – 2 artists show interest
Bulgaria – taken
Croatia – taken
Cyprus – taken
Czech republic – no interest
Denmark – someone is thinking about it
Estonia – already finished and now there are more interest for a Zulu cover
Finland – taken
France – taken
Georgia – no interest
Germany – someone is thinking about it
Greece – taken
Hungary – no interest
Iceland – no interest
Ireland – no interest
Israel – taken
Italy -no interest
Latvia – no interest
Lithuania – no interest
Macedonia – no interest
Malta – being recorded at this moment
Moldova – no interest
Montenegro – no interest
Netherlands – taken
Norway – someone is thinking about it
Poland – taken
Portugal – taken
Romania – taken
San Marino – taken
Serbia – no interest
Slovenia – taken
Spain – no interest
Sweden – taken
Switzerland – no interest
Ukraine – someone is thinking about it
United Kingdom – taken


Iceland: Second semi-final of 2017 Söngvakeppnin

Flag of Iceland
Flag of Iceland

The second semi-final of the 2017 Söngvakeppnin national selection in Iceland has seen three more acts make it to the final –

  • Daði Freyr Pétursson Hvað með það?
  • Svala Björgvinsdóttir Ég veit það
  • Aron Brink Þú hefur dáleitt mig
  • Hildur –  Bammbaramm (also qualified for final as a wildcard)