The Making of ‘Happy Birthday’ video released by Efi Gjika

Efi Gjika recently released her brand new single and video clip for Happy Birthday. It is a fun song and very catchy and perfect for birthday parties of course! A special Making of ‘Happy Birthday’ video has been released to show the fun and effort and great ideas that Efi had for the video. It […]

Mikea releases ‘Insta’ single and video clip

Mikea has released a hot new track in time for the summer of 2019. It is called Insta. The song is an upbeat and fun track with a top production and a strong beat. Insta is composed by Joniad Banushi and the video is by the highly rated DArt Channel. The video clip has the feelgood […]

Efi Gjika releases music video for new song ‘Happy Birthday’

Efi Gjika has released her brand new song and official video clip for Happy Birthday. It is a happy and upbeat song and the video looks a whole lot of fun! Efi thought of the idea to sing to a child on their birthday at their home in their country. She created a contest via […]

Inis Neziri to represent Albania at New Wave 2019 in Russia

Inis Neziri has been selected to represent Albania at the New Wave 2019 festival to be held later this summer in Russia. Her pure and powerful and clear vocals are sure to impress many in the popular music competition. Inis has had much success in festivals. She won the Grand Prix at the 2018 Cerbul de Aur […]

Inis Neziri releases new song and video clip for ‘E theve’

Inis Neziri has released a brand new single and video clip for the song E theve. E theve is a heartfelt and beautiful ballad sung with emotion and passion by Inis. The lyrics and music are by Inis. The arrangement is by Yla Boshnjaku Neziri and Arben Neziri (Beni’s Recording Studio). It is mixed and […]

Russia and Albania Press Conferences

Russia and Albania presented their second press conferences at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Sergey Lazarev said he was happy with rehearsal except for some issues with water. He was joined by Filip Kirkorov (one of  the composers). Sergey advised there will soon be a Russian version of Scream. He has the lyrics ready and […]

Albania: Backing vocalists for Jonida Maliqi in Tel Aviv revealed

Jonida Maliqi will soon take the stage at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representing Albania with Ktheju tokës. The important backing vocalists have been officially announced today. There are the names who will be on the stage as part of the Albanian team with Jonida. They are Wendi Mancaku, Artemisa Mithi and Tiri Gjoci. Wendi has […]

Check out the haunting and moving sound of Artela Brahimi and ‘Vec nje enderr’

Artela Brahimi has released a new song called Vec nje enderr (Even a dream). It is haunting and moving song from Albania and has an ethnic type arrangement with a rich and beautiful sound and production. The music and arrangement for Vec nje enderr is by Arben Neziri with lyrics by Yla. The production and music was at Beni’s Recording […]


The second OGAE club to release their top 10 for 2019 is Albania. Their members picked the following 10 songs as their favourites. 1 point to North Macedonia 2 points to Greece 3 points to Azerbaijan 4 points to Belgium 5 points to Slovenia 6 points to Cyprus 7 points to Portugal 8 points to […]

Albania: Final version and video clip released for Jonida Maliqi and ‘Ktheju tokës’

Jonida Maliqi has released the final and revamped version of her song for Albania at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest entitled Ktheju tokës. The new version of the Ktheju tokës was produced in Sweden. Jonida together with Eriona Rushiti, Enis Mullaj and Sokol Marsi were at the studio in Sweden to overlook and organise the new production. The […]