Valza x Don Phenom x Mixey release ‘Andale’

Another strong summer release is Andale by Valza x Don Phenom x Mixey. It is an upbeat song with a heavy bassline and strong beat and production. Andale is composed by Mixey and Don Phenom. The video is by Imagine. Valza has a big following and has released several music videos and hit songs. Mixey is […]

Listen to ‘Grimce Parajse’ by Argjend Lloga & Dorina

A new video and song release from Albania to check out is Grimce Parajse (Particles of Paradise) by Argjend Lloga & Dorina. It is a pop/folk song with a cool production and charming music video. Grimce Parajse is composed by Joniad Banushi and Rinalt Kasko. The video production is by DArt Channel. Argjend Lloga is a respected and experienced artist and […]

‘Yll i rralle’ is the new song by Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha has released a new song for the summer of 2019. It is called Yll i rralle (Rare star). The song has a positive vibe with a strong production. Yll i rralle is composed by Valter Beqo and Armand Trebicka. The music video for Yll i rralle is beautifully filmed at Bougainville Bay Resort in Saranda, Albania. Juliana […]

Efi Gjika releases ‘Fight Song’ cover and beautiful video clip

Efi Gjika recently released a charming cover version of the popular Rachel Platten hit, Fight Song. Efi also released a delightful and colourful video clip for the song which was beautifully filmed by her father on a family vacation in the Greek Ionian islands. Fight Song suits Efi’s powerful vocals and she said the song “inspires me […]

Klesta Qehaja wins silver medal at Wcopa Championship in USA

Klesta Qehaja has had a big success by winning the silver medal award at the Wcopa: World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, USA. She won the award in the Vocal Contemporary 11-12 category. Klesta was representing Kosovo at this special event. Klesta charmed many fans and press when she represented Albania at the […]

Albania: Watch Ana Kodra perform ‘Lule lule – E Diell’ on Top Channel

Ana Kodra performed the emotional song Lule lule – E Diell (Flower, flower – The sun) on the Albanian Top Channel in Albania. Ana showed her true talent as a young artist as she sang beautifully and played the piano. The author is Edi Manushi. Moderators were Edi Manushi, Fjoralba Ponari, Nevina Pillar. Ana represented Albania […]

Listen to Ervisa and her version of ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Ervisa has recorded a charming version of Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Her sweet and clear vocals suit the track very much. Ervisa has previously participated in the Top Fest competition in Albania and she has released several songs and video clips. Her sister Dorina was part of the Albanian team on […]

Albania: Watch Kristiana Veshaj perform ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ on Top Talent 2 show

Kristiana Veshaj has been consistently impressing the judges and the public on the hit tv show Top Talent 2 in Albania. Kristiana’s latest performance was her interpretation of Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy feat. Beyoncé. She played the piano and sung with confidence and aplomb. Kristiana is a former finalist in the Junior […]

Dorina releases cover songs of ‘Mengjesi i kesaj here’ and ‘As ti’

Dorina has released a couple of new cover versions. She has released songs of Elvana Gjata, Mengjesi i kesaj here (Breakfast this time) and As ti (You too). Dorina was on the Eurovision stage with Kejsi Tola at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest representing Albania. She is now a successful music video producer as well […]

Anila Mimani releases ‘Te ndjej’ song and video

Anila Mimani  has released a charming new song and video clip for Te ndjej (I feel you). The song is catchy and summery with a nice melody and beat. The music video is another fine production by DArt Channel in Albania. This video is very colourful with Anila dancing in the fields with beautiful coloured […]