Albania: Mishela Rapo releases music video of cover of ‘Ma zgjat doren’

Following our article earlier today Mishela Rapo has just released a brand cover version with a video clip of the song Ma zgjat doren (Extends my hand). Ma zgjat doren is a song by Eneda Tarifa. Mishela performs a charming cover that showcases her clear and beautiful and expressive vocals. The song is emotional and has an […]

Watch: Mishela Rapo singing ‘Tren per Prizren’ at Maratona e Këngës 2019

Mishela Rapo performed Tren per Prizren (Train to Prizren) at the Maratona e Këngës 2019 tour in Berat, Albania. It is a cover version of a song by Behare Shala. Mishela gives Tren per Prizren her own unique and charming performance to the song. Mishela represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dambaje. You can see Mishela […]

Watch: Efi’s adventures backstage at the 2019 Junior Eurovision

Efi Gjika was back at the 2019 Junior Eurovision but this time to announce the scoring for Albania. Efi had many adventures during her eventful trip to Poland! Efi made a backstage video showing the inside story and along the way she met many of the acts from this year and also caught up with […]


Ian Fowell of ESC Covers ran into EFI (who represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision song contest) and ISEA (who will represent Albania at the 2019 Junior Eurovision song contest).

ESC Covers meets Isea Çili (Albania)

Isea Çili will represent Albania at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Mikja ime fëmijëri. ESC Covers met with Isea and she was very charming and told us she was enjoying the whole experience of being here in Poland. Isea is happy to make new friends and try new things. She was excited to visit […]

Albania: Check out the official website of Kejsi Tola

ESC Covers would like to make you aware of the official website of Kejsi Tola. It is packed with her music, news, show details and merchandise. Just go to  . Kejsi gave us real fan favourite at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Albania, with the unforgettable performance of Carry Me In Your Dreams. […]

Watch Mishela Rapo perform ‘E doja, s’e doja’ at Maratona e Kenges 2019 in Elbasan, Albania

Mishela Rapo has had a busy year touring Albania with the Maratona e Kenges project organised by TV Klan in Albania. The tour took in man cities and towns and resorts throughout Albania. We can see Mishela perform the song E doja, s’e doja (I love it, I did not love it) at the event in […]

Albania: Festivali i Këngës #58 artists announced

Twenty acts have been revealed by the broadcaster TVSH that will participate in Festivali i Këngës #58 national selection in Albania. The winning act will go to the Eurovision Song Contest and represent Albania in the Netherlands in May 2020. 1. Albërie Hadërgjonaj 2. Aldo Bardhi 3. Arilena Ara 4. Bojken Lako 5. Devis Xherahu 6. […]

Efi Gjika performs remix of ‘Barbie’ at 2019 Junior Fest Albania

Efi Gjika was a special guest at the 2019 Junior Fest Albania national selection. During the interval Efi performed a great and fun remix of her 2018 Junior Eurovision song, Barbie. Efi has released several important video clips this year. First she released the original song, Happy Birthday (where she held a unique competition centred […]

Ana Kodra performs ‘Don’t Touch My Tree’ as guest at 2019 Junior Fest Albania

Ana Kodra was recently one of the co-presenters at the 2019 Junior Fest Albania national selection. During the interval Ana performed her own  2017 Junior Eurovision entry for Albania entitled Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos ma prekni pemën). Ana continues to blossom in to a charming and talented singer and performer. Check out Ana singing Don’t Touch My […]