Isea Çili performs her JESC 2019 song ‘Mikja ime fëmijëri’ on Top Channel in Albania

Isea Çili made a welcome return with a strong performance of her 2019 JESC song Mikja ime fëmijëri for the Dream Team on the tv show E Diell on Top Channel in Albania. Thanks to the author, Jetmira Agalliu. The show was presented by Edi Manushi, Alesia Bami and Skyla Fezollari. The choreographer is Graciano Tagani. The vocal coach […]

Albania: Watch sisters Wendi & Melodajn perform on Vizion Plus tv

Sisters, Wendi & Malodajn Mancaku, performed together on the tv show, Këngë Moj – Nata e Shkodrane, on Vizion Plus channel in Albania. The girls performed the song Pranvera filloj me ardh (Spring begins to come). It was a nice acoustic performance with Wendi playing guitar and the two girls voices blending gently together. Wendi Mancaku […]

Wendi Mancaku release her song ‘Vesi i shpirti tim’ from Fest #59 in Albania

The song that Wendi Mancaku will perform at the Festivali i Këngës #59 has been released. It is called Vesi i shpirti tim (The habit of my soul). The song is a delightful laid back, and soulful track, with nice instrumentation with charming vocals by Wendi. Vesi i shpirti tim is composed by Wendi Mancaku (music) […]

Inis Neziri is back as her song ‘Pendesë’ from #Fest 59 released

The eagerly awaited song by Inis Neziri called Pendesë (Penance), from the forthcoming Festivali i Këngës #59 in Albania, has been released. It is a really powerful and charming ballad that showcase the beautiful and crystal clear power vocals of Inis. Pendesë is composed by Inis Neziri (music) and Elhaid Cufi (lyrics). The Festivali i Këngës #59 will consist of […]

Get to know Sunday Dinner (feat. Wendi Mancaku) with ‘Still Want My Love’

Sunday Dinner (feat. Wendi Mancaku) have released the song Still Want My Love, which is a fascinating project. The song is very contemporary and radio friendly and well produced with strong and clear vocals by Wendi. Sunday Dinner are Matthew Castello and Nick Spataro. They both have Italian background and the inspiration for the name […]

Klea Jaku and her cover of ‘People Help The People’ by Birdy

Klea Jaku has released a cover version of People Help The People by Birdy. This song shows a different side to Klea with a soft and emotional feel to this ballad with her clear and gentle vocals. People Help The People is composed by Simon Aldred. The song was produced and recorded and also the video […]

Ana Kodra wins an incredible 6 Grand Prix awards at online festivals in 2020

Ana Kodra has had an incredible success by winning six Grand Prix awards at various online festivals during 2020. Her unique charm and talent impressed judges worldwide with flawless online performances. The online festivals that Ana had the successes were in 2020 – Angel Voice – Belgrade International Music Festival Online Edition in Serbia – […]

Efi Gjika releases her new inspirational song ‘Take My Hand’

Efi Gjika returns with her brand new uplifting song entitled Take My Hand. It is a contemporary and anthemic pop track that showcases Efi’s increasingly mature and clear vocal talent. Take My Hand is composed by Devox @VOX Production and Jenny Jonnas. Efi says there is a strong youth message in the lyrics of Take Your Hand – […]

Albania: RTSH releases list of participants for Festivali i Këngës #59

The Albanian broadcaster, RTSH, has released the names of the participants taking part in Festivali i Këngës #59. The winner will represent Albania at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The list of participants are – It is welcome back to the festival for Inis Neziri, who took part in Festivali i Këngës #56, with the beautiful Piedestal. […]

Listen to Enalda Shehu and her performance of ‘Valton Beqiri – Quasi Kaba; Andante & Allegretto’

Enalda Shehu is a talented young classical musician from Albania. She performed the classical piece of ‘Valton Beqiri – Quasi Kaba; Andante & Allegretto’ as part of her Diploma graduation. Enalda has been studying in North Macedonia and the performance was set during a very difficult time with the current pandemic world situtation. The audience […]