Senhit releases cover of ‘Ding A Dong’

Senhit has released her version of the 1975 Eurovision winner by Teach In for The Netherlands. The song is Ding A Dong and she has put her own unique style to the song. The version of Ding A Dong is very different to the original and it is soulful and retro dance oriented. Senhit has […]


During the lock down in Europe over the Eurovision period in May, many Eurovision singers did home videos of other Eurovision artists songs. In the wake of ESC COVERS COVER2COVER singing competition, we will feature some of these so South African artists in particular can get an idea how it is done. Nor Bert of […]

Senhit covers ‘Insieme: 1992′ – Italian Eurovision winner of 1990

Senhit has made a cover of the 1990 Eurovision winning song for Italy by Toto Cutugno, Insieme: 1992. It was 30 years ago that Toto won the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy with a song that is even more meaningful now! Senhit was chosen to represent San Marino at the 2020 Eurovision with Freaky! You […]

Sara Dall’Olio releases beautiful new single ‘Stringimi cosi’

Sara Dall’Olio has released a beautiful new ballad entitled Stringimi cosi (Hold me like this). The song has a lovely melody and charming arrangement and Sara’s smooth and crystal clear vocals suit the track perfectly. Stringimi cosi is a song about the fear of losing a love and sometimes all you need is a simple hug […]

Efendi vs Senhit – whose version of ‘Cleopatra’ do you prefer?

VERSUS Efendi was chosen to represent Azerbaijan with the song Cleopatra at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. However, it has emerged that Senhit, who was selected for San Marino with Freaky, has also recorded the song. Both versions can be heard below. Whose version do you prefer? Source: ESC Covers

Senhit is going ‘Freaky!’ for San Marino at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest

After a digital voting duel it has been decided Senhit will sing Freaky! for San Marino at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. The other song in the battle for San Marino was Obsessed. Senhit represented San Marino at the 2011 Eurovision with Stand By. She recently had a big hit with the song Dark Room. […]

Sara Dall’Olio achieves more success at 2019 Malta International Singer’s Festival

Sara Dall’Olio has achieved more big success at a song contest. She has just participated at the 2019 Malta International Singer’s Festival. Sara won the second prize classification in, representing Italy, in the 18 years and over solo singer category and she third prize classification in the duet contest with fellow Italian, Aurora Manuela Bandinelli Rigobello. Sara […]

Sara Dall’Olio to represent Italy again at Malta International Singer’s Festival … and in a big World Final in New York!!

Sara Dall’Olio has had much success at international music festivals. She has won six overall Grand Prix prizes in Bucharest (Romania), Petrich (Bulgaria), Velingrad (Bulgaria) , Belgrade (Serbia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Ohrid-Bitola (North Macedonia). She has represented Italy at 13 singing competitions and has achieved very impressive results. Sara will participate at the 2019 Malta International Singer’s […]

Sara Dall’Olio in new projects with Cadillac Ranch group and she also plans to create a new band

Sara Dall’Olio has had much success in recent years in various festivals around Europe. Now Sara has been working on some new projects including working with a country/rock band and also plans to form a brand new band with guys with similar ages to her. Sara was on a tv show called Lato A in […]

Sara Dall’Olio has success at the 2018 Euro Pop Contest Berliner Perle

Sara Dall’Olio has gained more success at the 2018 Euro Pop Contest Berliner Perle in Berlin, Germany. Sara took the 3rd place prize in the category for 18-24 years old group where she represented Italy. The Euro Contest Berliner Perle was held between 23-25 November and there were different age categories. Some of the countries […]