Azerbaijan Press Conference

Chingiz gave the second press conference for Azerbaijan at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. He was helped with the questions by the Head of Delegation for Azerbaijan, Husniye Maharramova, because Chingiz does not speak English. The biggest applause and reaction was when Chingiz played Bamboleo, the popular Spanish song, in the style of the Gypsy […]

Samra releases brand new single and video clip for her song ‘Armas’

Samra has returned with a brand new song entitled Armas. It has an r’n’b sexy vibe with a strong production. Armas is actually the name of Samra in reverse. In Spanish the word ‘Armas’ means weapon. The name ‘Armas’ means to dominate, be the first, the leader and the strongest. Armas is composed by Clavis and […]

Azerbaijan: Chingiz introduces his stage team for Tel Aviv

 Chingiz will soon represent Azerbaijan at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with his upbeat song Truth. The team that will be with him on the stage in Tel Aviv has been announced. Chingiz will be joined by five backing vocalists. Some have an experience of the Eurovision stage. They are Pernille Leeloo (from the 2019 […]

Eldar releases brand new song ‘Rising Up’

Eldar returns with a brand new song entitled Rising Up. It is an upbeat and contemporary song with a positive vibe. It is a radio friendly track with a strong production. Rising Up is composed by Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås, two very talented songwriters from Sweden. They wrote the popular and catchy This Is The […]

Azerbaijan: Fidan Huseynova charmed many at the 2018 Junior Eurovision

Fidan Huseynova charmed many people with her appearance at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song I Wanna Be Like You. She was always very sweet and kind during her rehearsal days and press conference. Fidan celebrated her birthday in Minsk and she was given some flowers and a warm reception at the […]

Azerbaijan: Fidan Huseynova releases new version of ‘I Wanna Be Like You’

Fidan Huseynova has released a revamped version of her Azerbaijan 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest entry, I Wanna Be Like You. The song has been given a makeover and is more upbeat. A brand new video clip has also been released. Check out the new version of I Wanna Be Like You below. Source: ESC […]

Fidan Huseynova will sing ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ for Azerbaijan at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Fidan Huseynova will take to the stage in Minsk in November, where she will be representing Azerbaijan, at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Her song has now been revealed. It is entitled I Wanna Be Like You. I Wanna Be Like You is composed by Ayten Ismikhanova and Elvira Michieva (music) and the lyrics are […]

Junior Eurovision news round up –

Here is an update of some recent selections for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest – SERBIA – Bojana Radovanović is 13 years old and will represent Serbia with the song Svet (World) composed Marija Marić Marković. The song will be revealed soon. POLAND – Roksana Węgiel is also 13 years old and will represent Poland. Roksana was […]

Samra releases new upbeat dance song ‘Pidzhak’

Samra is back with a top dance track and hot new video clip for her song Pidzhak (Jacket). It is upbeat and has a strong production. Perfect for the dancefloors. Samra shows her great style and sexy charisma in the music video. Pidzhak is composed by Pavel Le Metc and Sudakov Vladislav Borisovich. Samra represented Azerbaijan […]

Arash teams up with Nyusha, Pitbull and Blanco for FIFA World Cup football song

Arash, Nyusha, Pitbull, Blanco have all teamed up for a FIFA World Cup football song. It is entitled Goalie, Goalie. The song is composed by Mohombi, Cederic Lorrain, Blanco “The Ear”, Armando Christian Perez, Alexandru Cotoi, Andrei Ropcea and Cezar Cazano. It is produced by  Alexandru Cotoi and co-produced by Andrei Ropcea and Bennie Amey III. Arash […]