Barbara releases official audio of ‘Vo Srceto’ from 2019 Makfest competition

Barbara has released her new song taken from the 2019 Makfest competition in North Macedonia. It is entitled Vo Srceto  (In heart). Vo Srceto is a delightful mid-tempo pop ballad sung beautifully by Barbara. The music and producer is Robert Bilbilov and the lyrics are by Barbara and Ksenija Nikolova. Barbara Popović represented FYR Macedonia at the […]

Anna Grigoryan shines on National Singer competition in Armenia

Anna Grigoryan is currently participating in the National Singer competition on Shant tv in Armenia. She is impressing many with her fine performances. Let us check out some of her shows. First we see Anna performing Hayastani Axjikner by Iveta Mukuchyan (who represented Armenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with LoveWave). This was a really […]

North Macedonia: Martija releases lyrics video for ‘Vozbuda i Ljubov’ from 2019 Makfest

Martija has released a lyrics video for her 2019 Makfest song, Vozbuda i Ljubov (Excitement and love). The song is very contemporary with a strong production and upbeat and feelgood vibe. Vozbuda i Ljubov is composed by Aleksandar Masevski (who wrote Martija’s classy song at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for FYR Macedonia, Love Will Lead […]

Demi Galea and her upbeat performance of ‘Addicted To You’ on X Factor Malta – week 2

The second show of auditions on X Factor Malta was broadcast and a highlight was the upbeat performance by Demi Galea of Addicted To You by Avicii. Although the clip shown was only relatively short it gave a good impression of Demi and her vocals and enthusiasm. All the judges enjoyed her performance and she […]

Luiza Grigoryan releases ‘Armenian Mashup’ song and video

Luiza Grigoryan is a talented young singer from Armenia. She has just released a music video for the original Armenian Mashup song. Luiza has a charming and crystal clear voice that suits the song very well. You can see the video clip for Armenian Mashup below. Source: ESC Covers  

Georgia: Listen to Nini Gvelesiani and her group Sparkle

Nini Gvelesiani is a member of the three girl group, Sparkle, and she is also a solo singer with the Tbilisi Big Band Orchestra in Georgia. Nini has appeared on the 2013 The Voice of Georgia tv show and also with Sparkle on X Factor – season 6 in Georgia. Let us check out some […]

Junior Fest Albania 2019 – Listen to ‘Shtet Qytete’ by Bora Llapushi

The 2019 Junior Fest national selection for Junior Eurovision recently took place in Albania. A former Albanian participant at Junior Eurovision composed the song Shtet Qytete (State cities) for Bora Llapushi. Mishela Rapo wrote the lyrics for the song for Bora. Mishela represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dambaje. The music and orchestration are […]

Eliana Gomez Blanco will sing ‘We Are More’ for Malta at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Eliana Gomez Blanco will represent Malta at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song We Are More. The words are a combination of both the English and Maltese languages. We Are More is a contemporary mid-tempo and uplifting ballad beautifully sung by Eliana. The song has a mature and radio friendly sound. The […]

Donna releases hot new single and video for ‘Loco’

Donna has released her second official single. The song is entitled Loco and it has an uplifting groove and rhythm and a strong production by Rzon Music with the beat by Pllumb and Rzon Music. Loco is composed by Donna | Rzon | Egzon | Mjeku.  The beautifully filmed music video is by Loni Production. […]

Listen to ‘Pare Pare’ by Big Enzo

A new release from Albania to check out is Pare Pare (Money Money) by Big Enzo. It is the latest release via the DArt Channel. Pare Pare is composed by Joniad Banushi and Tiger. Listen to Pare Pare below. Source: ESC Covers; DArt Channel