About Us

About Us

We started off as being the website for OGAE Rest of the World, a fan club devoted to serving Eurovision fans from around the world. OGAE Rest of the World was created in 2006 to be the home of Eurovision Song Contest fans in countries that are not active members of the European Broadcasting Union and therefore ineligible to participate in the yearly song contest. This has all changed when OGAE Rest of the world created their own website and since then we still focus on the Eurovision song contest and its related contests but do it from the perspective of the 3 main journalists providing material for the website.

Our purpose is still to provide information to like-minded people who love the Eurovision Song Contest. Our website (and our Facebook Page) bring our members and activities together in a dynamic online environment.

Our main team:

Roy Van der Merwe (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Roy has been attending Eurovision for many years (28 years consecutively) and has promoted the Eurovision Song Contest by writing about the artists, songs and activities on the Facebook page [www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage]. He has helped many artists to choose suitable Eurovision songs to cover in different languages, and many songs have become hits through Roy’s work. This has been a much-appreciated voluntary service to Eurovision songwriters – they work directly through us to reach talented new artists who can cover their songs in other languages and other countries.

Ian Fowell (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Ian is especially interested in following what ex Eurovision artists, ex Junior Eurovision artists and artists from the various Eurovision selections are doing and write about their new songs. He has also attended many Eurovision song contests and also several Junior Eurovision song contests.

Barry Tsai (London, United Kingdom)

Barry joined the team recently and has since proved extremely valuable in the technical side of the website. He also loves the Junior Eurovision song contest and has attended the 2019 contest in Poland and took photo’s for the website.

Side-line staff

Andy Mikheev (Moscow, Russia)

He is co-founder of OGAE Rest of the World,  and the Editor-in-Chief of the esckaz.com website, the leading Russian/English language site devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They deliver far more detailed news and share stuff with ESC Covers. We also share a common facebook face.

Cole van Dais (Johannesburg, South Africa

She was the one who got the website developed and did most of the main admin, but as a recording artist, she is not getting enough time to be more involved. She has, however, covered over 20 Eurovision songs in Afrikaans and other languages.

Over the years we had several people helping but unfortunately they became bored and less active and now we do not foresee new people joining in a hurry.



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