Check out the new single ‘Black Leather’ by KEiiNO feat. Charlotte Qamaniq

KEiiNO feat. Charlotte Qamaniq have released a brand new single entitled Black Leather. Black Leather is composed by Tom Hugo Hermansen, Alexander Nyborg Olsson, Ruediger Schramm, Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Charlotte Qamaniq. It is produced by Ruediger Schramm and Tom Hugo Hermansen. The publishers are BMG Rights Management, Hugoworld AS. It is mixed by Christer A. […]


It is with great sadness that we learn that JAHN TEIGEN from Norway has passed away. He represented Norway several times at the Eurovision song contest in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He also participated  several times in the Norwegian selection, and one of ESC Covers favourite songs is GLASNOST.

‘Attention’ – Ulrikke wins in Norway

Ulrikke has won the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix and will represent Norway at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with Attention. You can see Ulrikke sing below. Source: ESC Covers;

Norway: Liza Vassilieva is the latest act to qualify for the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix final

Liza Vassilieva has won the latest and final regional semi-final in Norway and will head to the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix final next weekend. Liza’s song is entitled I Am Gay and you can see her perform the song below. Source: ESC Covers

Norway: Magnus Bokn makes it to the final of 2020 Melodi Grand Prix

Magnus Bokn is “over the moon” that his song Over The Sea has made it to the final of the 2020 Grand Prix in Norway after winning the latest round of regional semi-finals. You can see Magnus perform Over The Sea below. Source: ESC Covers;


Last night the 4th semi final in the 2020 Norwegian Eurovision selection took place and MAGNUS BOKN won it with his song OVER THE SEA. Now we go OVER THE SEA from Oslo, Norway to Johannesburg, South Africa to find out how the website ESC Covers together with the blog ESC Morten will celebrate 60 […]

Norway: Kristin Husøy wins her way to the final of 2020 Melodi Grand Prix with ‘Pray For Me’

Kristin Husøy has won the third regional semi-final in Norway to take her place in the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix final. Her song is entitled Pray For Me. Pray For Me is composed by Roel Rats and Kristin Husøy. You can see Kristin perform Pray For Me below. Source: ESC Covers;

Norway: Akuvi records her music video for ‘Som du e’ in South Africa

Akuvi is an automatic finalist for the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix in Norway with her song Som du e (As you are). She has revealed she is recording her music video for song in South Africa coutesy of Popoh Films. Som du e is composed by Beatrice Akuvi Kumordzie and Andreas Stone Johansson. We await with the […]

COMPETITION – NORWAY celebrating 60 years at Eurovision

This year NORWAY is celebrating 60 years in the Eurovision song contest and this is a milestone that cannot go unnoticed. ESC Covers website (which is based in Johannesburg South Africa) teamed up with ESC Morten, a blog (which is based in Oslo Norway). They have decided to get someone to make 60 gifts, one […]

Norway: Rein Alexander qualifies for the 2020 MGP final with ‘One Last Time’

The second regional semi-final of the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix was won by Rein Alexander with the song One Last Time. Rein won the battle of the duels and will take his place in the grand final. You can see Rein perform One Last Time below. Source: ESC Covers;