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OGAE Rest of the World consists of a very wide range of countries that form the membership. In many of these countries members are active and we aim to provide an insight to each of them when information is provided to us to post. The Our World section relies on people from all over the world contributing their articles, reviews, photos, videos related to Eurovision activity. Please send contributions to jeff@esccovers.com

As we receive contributions from countries, their area will become coloured on the map below. A coloured country is the link to that section. So move your mouse over the map and click on coloured countries to explore that section. Return to this page by clicking on Our World in the main menu at the top.

Our World

Country Insights

As we are such a diverse and large group, it would be good if we built a better understanding of our members’ countries and the huge diversity that exists. Therefore we would like contributions to the different country sections of Our World that provide insights into that country. Below are some points to guide you but you can expand on these. If you wish to submit an article in your native tongue as well as in English, please feel free!

  • How much interest is there in your country for Eurovision?
  • What do people in your country do at Eurovision time? How do people see the show (TV, internet)?
  • What is the cost of living in your country?
  • Is it easy or hard for people to get from your country to Eurovision in Europe? Do many people travel to Eurovision from your country?
  • Do people have good internet access in your country? Do most people have access to computers? Is the internet expensive?
  • Is language a problem for people in your country who want to actively participate in the OGAE Rest of the World community?
  • Are there any new things that you would like the club, the site (ESC Covers) or the Facebook page to do?

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