Listen: Christine Restakyan and her recent covers … and a performance of ‘Hope’

Christine Restakyan is a talented young singer and songwriter from Georgia. ESC Covers has previously written about Christine’s music and we would like to bring your attention to some of her recent covers. Check out below her covers of Holy by Justin Bieber feat. Chance The Rapper, Diamonds by Sam Smith and Ice Cream by Blackpink […]


Since Monday 28 September, the ESC COVERS website (with our partners Eurovision coverage, EuroVisionMusic, Destination Eurovision and the radio station x5 stereo) started promoting the COVER2COVER concept. It is not a competition anymore but a promotion platform and hopefully South African artists will send covers to us. The 3 entries we received, Helena, Anton and […]

Lizi Japaridze returns with hot new song ‘Toxic World’

Lizi Japaridze makes a welcome return with her brand new song entitled Toxic World. It is an upbeat and energetic track with a strong production and almost 80s retro feel. Definitely radio friendly and makes you want to move. Toxic World is composed by Lizi Japaridze (lyrics)  Giga Kukhianidze (music and arrangement). It is mixed and […]

Christine Restakyan releases two new original songs ‘Hope’ and ‘Sweet Heartbreaker’

Christine Restakyan has released two new new beautiful acoustic songs. The songs are called Hope and Sweet Heartbreaker and are both composed by Christine herself. Hope is about never giving up and losing hope after the big difficulties the world has been facing over the last few months. The song works really well with the violin and keyboard […]

Christine Restakyan covers ‘I Dare You’ by Kelly Clarkson

Christine Restakyan has covered the new release by Kelly Clarkson, I Dare You. The track showcases Christine’s powerful vocals. Recently ESC Covers reported about this unusual release of I Dare You by Kelly that features multilingual duets. Christine is a talented singer / songwriter from Georgia. Check out her official YouTube channel for more of […]

Listen to ‘Stone Cold’ – the latest cover by Christine Restakyan

Christine Restakyan again showcases her powerful and gutsy vocals with her interpretation of the Demi Lovato song, Stone Cold. Christine is a talented young singer / songwriter from Georgia. She released her own composition Maybe and tried to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. You can hear Christine’s version of Stone Cold […]

Watch: Christine Restakyan perform ‘Toliebi / Seagulls’

Christine Restakyan is a rising singer and songwriter from Georgia and she has just released a cover version of a Nino Katamadze song Toliebi / Seagulls. Christine’s charming and smooth vocals suit the beautiful soulful/jazz track and she sings it with a lot of emotion. Christine released her own composition Maybe back in 2018 and recently […]

Elene Mikiashvili & Nika Janelidze release ‘Fostalionis Simgera’

Elene Mikiashvili & Nika Janelidze have released a cool new club dance song Fostalionis Simgera (Postman’s song). Fostalionis Simgera is composed by David Toradze and Peter Bagration-Gruzinsky. The sound recording is by Teen Club studio. The videographer for the video clip is Givi Maghradze.  Arrangement is by Nika Janelidze.  Special thank you to Elcentro Studio. It is […]

Listen: Christine Restakyan with her cover of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ by Whitney Houston

Christine Restakyan has released a beautiful interpretation of the Whitney Houston song, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. Christine’s vocals are powerful and soulful and crystal clear on the charming ballad. Christine is a singer and songwriter from Georgia. One of her delightful self compositions was the song Maybe that she released in 2018. She […]

Liza Kenia releases cool new dance track ‘Momenatrebi’

Liza Kenia has released a new pop dance track entitled Momenatrebi. It has a cool dance style and feelgood vibe. Momenatrebi is composed by Kakhaber Tsiskaridze. The production is courtesy of Dzvali. Liza is a much respected singer, tv presenter and model. She has come a long way since representing Georgia at the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest as […]