Anna Filipchuk performs at Zhara Fest in Russia

Anna Filipchuk recently performed at the Zhara Fest in Sochi, Russia. She performed in the festival concert and you can see an example of her journey with her song  Lyubov-Voyna (Love-War) below. The concert will be broadcast on @zharatv this evening at 19:00 (CET). Anna has also recorded the Klavy Koki song Nenavizhu-obozhayu (I hate, I adore) at […]

Little Big disclose 2019 Eurovision song ‘Uno’

Little Big have revealed the song they will represent Russia with at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. It is entitled Uno. Little Big are from St Petersburg in Russia. The band are Ilya Prusikin, Sonya Tayurskaya, Anton Lissov and Sergey Makarov. You can see the music video for Uno below. Source: ESC Covers;  

Polina Gagarina releases new version of ‘Tantsuy so mnoy’

Polina Gagarina is back with a new version and sparkling video clip for her track Tantsuy so mnoy (Dance with me). Tantsuy so mnoy is available to buy or stream from all digital platforms. Polina represented Russia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with the beautiful A Million Voices. You can see the music video for Tantsuy […]

Alisa Kozhikina releases new song ‘Grusti obo mnye’

Alisa Kozhikina has released a new song titled Grusti obo mnye (Grieve for me sometimes). It is a dramatic pop ballad sung with emotion by Alisa. The music video for Grusti obo mnye is also a powerful drama showing a motorbike accident by the boyfriend and if the love the couple had can ever be recaptured. Alisa […]

Russia: Official music video of ‘A Time For Us’ by Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak released

Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak will soon represent Russia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song A Time For Us. The official video clip has been released this week. A Time For Us is a powerful ballad sung with very strong vocals and a lot of passion by Tatyana and Denberel. Tatyana […]

MOTWINS have success with their own clothing brand

The 17 years old twins, Maria & Olesya Andronova, are two beautiful and talented journalists from St Petersburg in Russia, who have worked at the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The girls are also successful models with their own clothing brand. The clothing range is called MOTWINS. Check out some of their […]

Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak to represent Russia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision

Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak have won the local national selection and will represent Russia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Poland in November. The song is entitled A Time For Us. The result was decided by a combination of 50% online voting and 50% expert jury. Watch Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak perform A […]

2019 New Wave festival taking place now in Russia

The 2019 New Wave festival is currently taking place in Sochi, Russia. It is a festival that takes place over six days but there are three days of competition that begin today. The 2019 New Wave contestants are – Inis Neziri (Albania) Iliana Sanchez (Chile) Buranov (Russia) Anna Maria (Ukraine) Aisel (Azerbaijan) Radio Trio (Latvia) […]


SEREBRO, the Russian female trio who represented that country at the 2007 Eurovision song contest, has a complete new line up and a new song out. Andy Mikheev informed us that one of the girls of the new line-up took part in the Russian JESC 2012 pre-selection. Serebro have had been 11 girls in total […]


  ELENA TEMNIKOVA, who was part of the group SEREBRO that represented Russia in 2007 at the Eurovision Song Contest, has a new song and video out. It is called DUSHIT YUVELIRKA (Strangling jeweller). It has been out for a week or so and already has over 1.8 million views.