SEREBRO, the Russian female trio who represented that country at the 2007 Eurovision song contest, has a complete new line up and a new song out. Andy Mikheev informed us that one of the girls of the new line-up took part in the Russian JESC 2012 pre-selection. Serebro have had been 11 girls in total […]


  ELENA TEMNIKOVA, who was part of the group SEREBRO that represented Russia in 2007 at the Eurovision Song Contest, has a new song and video out. It is called DUSHIT YUVELIRKA (Strangling jeweller). It has been out for a week or so and already has over 1.8 million views.  

Check out Russian cover of ‘I Won’t Break’ (Julia Samoylova) by Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova

Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova have covered the 2018 Russian Eurovision song, I Won’t Break, by Julia Samoylova. This is another polished cover version with a beautiful music video to accompany the track. The Russian lyrics are by Alexander Leonenko. Watch the music video for I Won’t Break by Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova below. Source: ESC […]

Sergey Lazarev releases new single ‘Lovi’

Sergey Lazarev has released a new single entitled Lovi. The track has an 80s feel and is a midtempo pop song. Lovi is composed by Alekseev Anatoliy Anatolievich. Sergey recently represented Russia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Scream and finished in third place. He also represented his country at the 2016 Eurovision and again […]

Sofia Fisenko releases new single ‘Kolokola’

Sofia Fisenko has released a brand new single and music video for the song Kolokola (Bells). Kolokola is a pop song with some ethnic overtones and a strong production. The music video for Kolokola is beautifully filmed with Sofia spending much time in the countryside in the lake and walking through a field of delightful […]


Philipp Kirkorov from Russia covered the 2008 Eurovision entry from Sweden, HERO of Charlotte Perrelli in the Russian language. Philipp Kirkorov represented Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana. He is also a legendary songwriter and performer and Eurovision fan. You can see Kirkorov perform Hero below. Source: ESC Covers; Russia-1  

NOLA releases ‘Bessonnitsa’ song and video

NOLA has released an upbeat and rhythmic dance song entitled Bessonnitsa (Insomnia). It has a very strong production and bassline. NOLA is a Russian / Latvian singer with a talented voice. Check out the video clip for Bessonnitsa below. Source: ESC Covers

Polina Bogusevich releases new single ‘Weekend’

Polina Bogusevich returns with a brand new single entitled Weekend. The song showcases Polina’s mature vocals and technique. It is radio friendly with a strong production. Polina gives thanks to the support of the Noah Music artists. Polina won the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Russia with the powerful Wings. She also had previous […]

Sergey Lazarev releases ‘Krik’ – Russian version of ‘Scream’

Sergey Lazarev recently represented Russia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Scream and finished in the bronze position. He has now released the Russian version of the song entitled Krik. Sergey performed Krik on Russia-1 tv channel. Check out Krik below. Source: ESC Covers; Russia-1  

Inis Neziri to represent Albania at New Wave 2019 in Russia

Inis Neziri has been selected to represent Albania at the New Wave 2019 festival to be held later this summer in Russia. Her pure and powerful and clear vocals are sure to impress many in the popular music competition. Inis has had much success in festivals. She won the Grand Prix at the 2018 Cerbul de Aur […]