Julia Savicheva releases new song ‘Bol’she ne teryat’

Julia Savicheva is back with a brand new song entitled Bol’she ne teryat (No more to lose). It is a hypnotic and cool track with a powerful production. Bol’she ne teryat is composed by Oleg Shaumarov and Inna Rakhmanina. The song is taken from Julia’s album ‘CLV’. Julia represented Russia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with Believe […]

Watch: Azaliya covers ‘How You Like That’, ‘Cambio Dolor’ and ‘Break My Heart’

Azaliya is a talented young singer from Russia. She had success earlier this year on ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (the Russian version of the tv show ‘All Together Now!’). She has recently recorded some covers of songs and made short music videos to accompany them. How You Like That is currently a massive worldwide hit for K-Pop […]

Tatyana Mezhentseva releases her new song ‘Ostanovis’

Tatyana Mezhentseva has released a brand new song and music video for her song Ostanovis (Stop). It is a modern and contemporary track and very well produced. The music video for Ostanovis is charming and mysterious at the same time but is filmed beautifully. Ostanovis is composed by Alex Davia. Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzha […]


SERGEY LAZAREV, who represented RUSSIA at the 2016 and 2019 Eurovision song contests, has a new song out. Itis called YA NE MOGU MOLCHAT (which means I CAN’T BE SILENT).

Azaliya releases new fun video of ‘Da budut tantsy’

Azaliya has released a short new and happy video clip with her friends and family singing her hit song Da budut tantsy (Let there be dancing). Azaliya is thrilled with the results of the video and all the friends and fans who submitted fun clips of them dancing. The idea really works well. Azaliya was a […]

Sergey Lazarev releases new single and video for ‘Labirint’

Sergey Lazarev is back with a brand new song entitled Labirint (Maze). It is a mid-tempo and radio friendly song with a strong beat and production. Labirint is lifted from Sergey’s album ‘Eto ya’. It is composed by Alekseev Anatoly Gurman. Sergey represented Russia at the 2016 and 2019 Eurovision Song Contests. You can see official video […]

Azaliya releases cover version of ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd

Azaliya has released a cover version of the international hit song Blinding Lights be The Weeknd. It is an upbeat acoustic version of the song. Ruslan Baiguzin helped with the interpretation of the music. The idea for the music video was originally for Azaliya to dress in shorts and t-shirt. However, the summer days were not […]

Dayana Kirillova releases charming ‘Ty ne odin’ song

Dayana Kirillova has released a beautiful interpretation of the song Ty ne odin (You are not alone). The song is a charming ballad and is very relevant in the current times we are living in and who every day fight for their life. Ty ne odin is composed by Eleonora Kalashnikova. Dayana represented Russia at the 2013 […]

Sofia Fisenko & Karina Rybalko cover ‘A Million Dreams’

Sofia Fisenko & Karina Rybalko have got together to record a delightful cover version of the song A Million Dreams from the blockbuster movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. The music video features Sofia and Karina together with clips from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. The music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vitaliy Rybalko. The video […]

Dina Garipova releases her new song ‘Udivitelnyy’

Dina Garipova returns with a brand new song and music video for Udivitelnyy (Astonishing). It signals a change of style for Dina as the song is a more upbeat and summer sound with a happy vibe. Udivitelnyy is composed by Dima Agafonov, Andrey Konoplev and Dina herself. Dina represented Russia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the […]