Watch: George Guren and his new song ‘I’m Defenseless’

An exciting new single to check out is by George Guren and his song I’m Defenceless. It is a refreshing upbeat electronic sound and the song has a strong production. George is from Georgia but is currently based in Greece where his career is taking off in a big way. His first single was entitled […]

Watch: Elizabeth Frisky and her hot new music video ‘Me No Luv Man’

Elizabeth Frisky has released a brand new single entitled Me No Luv Man. It is a contemporary hit song with a hot flavour and a strong production. The music video for Me No Luv Man is very cool and sexy with some amazing dancing and moves. The hot rhythms have a Latin and Caribbean feel. Elizabeth […]

Tatia Kobaladze has chance for Britain’s Got Talent

Tatia Kobalazde is a Georgian pop star with a strong vocal and stage presence. She has the opportunity to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. Tatia is looking for help in the way of sponsorship to help her complete her journey and impress in the United Kingdom. If anyone in Georgia or beyond wants to  help […]

Liza Kenia releases beautiful song ‘Me isev moval shentan’

Liza Kenia has released a beautiful version of the song Me isev moval shentan (I’ll come back to you). The song has a charming melody and this version has a great production with Liza and her delightful crystal clear vocals. Liza was a member of The Princesses that represented Georgia at the 2009 Junior Eurovision […]

Georgia: Tako releases a chic and stylish beautiful photoshoot

Tako was part of The Virus, the Georgian pop group, that rocked the 2015 Junior Eurovision stage with Gabede. Tako has just presented a beautiful and stylish and very fashionable photoshoot that portrays her natural beauty. The photoshoot is courtesy of Salisstd and the photographer was Sali. Check out some of the chic and charming […]

Giorgi Rostiashvili to represent Georgia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Giorgi Rostiashvili will represent Georgia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Poland in November. Giorgi won the Ranina competition. The results were decided by an expert jury. The runner up was Ana Berishvili and in third place was Anastasia Garsevanashvili. The song for Giorgi and Georgia will be internally selected in the […]

Oto Nemsadze and Georgian team in upbeat mood

Oto Nemsadze and the team from Georgia were all in an upbeat mood after their second rehearsal at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. ESC Covers interviewed Oto and he said he had big experience of music competitions. His preferred style is pop/rock music. The  Georgian song Sul tsin iare is receiving positive reviews. Source: ESC […]

Georgia: What is Mariam Mamadashvili up to these days?

Mariam Mamadashvili charmed a lot of people when she won the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia with the beautiful song, Mzeo. Her powerful and crystal clear vocals won the hearts of the judges and public in Malta and around the world. So, what is Mariam up to these days? Well she is currently […]

Check out Elene & Oto and their acoustic cover of ‘Blue Sky’

Elene & Oto have recorded an acoustic version of the song Blue Sky by Lou Berry. They have also filmed a charming video clip to accompany the track. Blue Sky is a beautiful laid back track with a blues and soulful jazz feel. Elene Mikiashvili provides the charming vocals and Oto Chavchanidze is the guitarist […]

Iru Khechanova performs Chinese song ‘Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ’

Iru Khechanova performed a charming ballad in the Chinese language entitled Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ (Suddenly I miss you). Iru performed the song for the Georgia multi media channel 4U. Iru was a member of Candy, who won the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia in 2011 with Candy Music. She has since blossomed in to […]