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Watch: PAVA with her top performance of ‘My Wave’

PAVA and her dancers gave a great performance of her song My Wave on New Year tv in Belarus.

My Wave was in the 2020 Belarus Junior Eurovision national selection and is a strong song with a powerful production.

PAVA is Polina Pavlyushchenko. She was a popular contestant in The Voice Kids Ukraine and also took part in the 2018 and 2019 Belarus JESC national finals as part the ZEFIR group.

We look forward to hearing a lot more from Polina (PAVA) in 2021. You can read more about her here.

You can see PAVA perform My Wave below.

Source: ESC Covers

Sofia Feskova performs on Detskom Radio in Russia

Sofia Feskova @Detskom Radio

Sofia Feskova this week performed live on the Detskom Radio in Russia. She performed Tebe Moy Blyuz (My blues to you) and also her JESC song Moy Novyy Den (My New Day).

Detskom Radio is a radio station specifically for children.

Sofia represented Russia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the beautiful and anthemic My New Day.

You can see Sofia sing on Detskom Radio below.

Source: ESC Covers

Unity release new single ‘Most Girls’


Unity are back with a new song called Most Girls. It is a cover of a track by Hailee Steinfeld. The song is an upbeat song with a positive vibe and the girls voices harmonise beautifully on the track.

Most Girls is available to stream or purchase from most digital stores including Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

Unity represented the Netherlands at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Best Friends. The band consists of  Naomi (13), Maud (14), Jayda (13) and Demi (14).

You can see the official music video for Most Girls below.

Source: ESC Covers


Valentina releases surprise cover of ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’ by Celine Dion


Valentina has released a surprise for her fans including 300,000 followers on Instagram. She has recorded Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi, the winning song for Celine Dion at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland.

Valentina is fresh from her success at winning the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for France with J’imagine.

Valentina is also a popular member of the Kids United Nouvelle Génération group.

You can see music video of Valentina performing Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi below.

Source: ESC Covers

Ala & Ola Tracz release new Christmas song ‘Święta to radości czas’

Ala & Ola Tracz @TVP2
Ala & Ola Tracz @TVP2

Sisters, Ala & Ola Tracz, have released a brand new Christmas song to cheer up our spirits for 2020. The song is called Święta to radości czas (Christmas is a time of joy). It is an upbeat and catchy and feelgood song. Just what we need right now!

Święta to radości czas is composed by Agnieszka Wiechnik, Rafał Konieczny and Mavooi. The song will be available to stream or purchase from all digital stores from 1 December.

Ala is fresh from a wonderful performance on the 2020 Junior Eurovision stage where she represented Poland with I’ll Be Standing.

Ala & Ola Tracz earlier this year released together the song Przed Nami Cały Świat (The whole world is ahead of us). This was also strong radio friendly song with a strong production and beat.

The music video for Święta to radości czas will be released soon but in the meantime Ala & Ola appeared on breakfast tv on TVP2 channel this morning ahead of the release tomorrow. Check out their appearance below.

Source: ESC Covers

Vasya & Nina Boykova record Ukrainian version of ‘I’ll Be Standing’ – Poland JESC 2020


Sisters, Vasya & Nina Boykova, have released a Ukrainian language version of the 2020 Poland Junior Eurovision song, I’ll Be Standing, by Ala Tracz. It is a very different take on the song with this version being more like a ballad and quite laid back.

The Ukrainian words are by Ekaterina Boykova. The instrumental track is provided by Vlad Ulyanich and Piechstudio.

Vasya has previously recorded some unique covers and music videos of some Eurovision / Junior Eurovision songs and also Italian covers.

Check out Vasya & Nina singing the Ukrainian version of I’ll Be Standing below.

Source: ESC Covers

Day 6 – JESC 2020: Virtual Press Conference with the participants

2020 JESC logo
2020 JESC logo

A virtual press conference took place with all 12 participants of the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest today. Each acts was introduced and was asked something about their country and to sing their favourite part of their JESC song.

Questions were asked from journalists to some of the singers – ESC Covers had questions raised to the singers of France (Valentina), Georgia (Sandra) and Poland (Ala).

Today the dress rehearsal would take place (but not for viewing by the public or journalists) –

You can see the press conference below.

Source: junioreurovision.tv; ESC Covers

Georgia: Sandra Gadelia releases official music video for ‘You Are Not Alone’

sandr1 sandra2

Sandra Gadelia has released the official music video for her song You Are Not Alone. This is the song she will represent Georgia with at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The music video for You Are Not Alone is beautifully filmed in a lovely Georgian ‘olde worlde’ setting. Sandra is accompanied by four female violinists, a girl keyboard player, a female drummer and a boy DJ.

Welcome back to Giga Kukhiandze, who is the composer of You Are Not Alone. Giga is man behind Georgia’s three wins at Junior Eurovision (Bzikebi in 2008 with Bzzz…, Group Candy in 2011 with Candy Music and Mariam Mamadishvili with Mzeo in 2016). Giga also composed the Georgian JESC entries by Mariam Kakhelishvili (2010 with Mari-Dari, 2012 The Funkids and Funky Lemonade, 2013 The Smile Shop and Give Me Your Smile, 2014 Lizi Pop with Happy Day and in 2015 The Virus gave us Gabede.

Sandra is just 10 years old and she has a charming and powerful voice. She won the ‘Ranina’ national selection competition in Georgia with some much acclaimed performances.

You can see the official video clip for You Are Not Alone below.

Source: ESC Covers; GPB

Check out cover of ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’ by Kids United Nouvelle Génération


Kids United Nouvelle Génération recorded a version Poupée de cire, poupée de son, the winning Eurovision song for Luxembourg by France Gall in 1965. It has a modern an upbeat production but retains the charm of the original.

The project, Kids United Nouvelle Génération, includes the representative of France at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Valentina.

You can hear Poupée de cire, poupée de son from the album ‘Kids United 4’ below. You can also see a live performance of the song.

Source: ESC Covers

Sofia Feskova and her interview with Teledetki tv in Russia


Sofia Feskova will soon represent Russia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song My New Day (Moy novyy den). Sofia has just done an interview for the children’s Teledetki tv channel based in St Petersburg, Russia.

Two correspondents from Teledetki tv, Darya Marchenko and Adele Fattakhova, interviewed Sofia and talked about her rehearsals and her plans for Junior Eurovision.


Sofia told how she starts each day and how she prepares for school. Then she goes to the rehearsal studio every day to prepare for Junior Eurovision. The school of Igor Krutov is helping with all the preparations for Sofia, and they put her through difficult but important rehearsal procedures each day to make a Junior Eurovision performance as perfect as it can be.

The 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 29 November. We wish Sofia lots of luck for the competition.

Thank you to Teledetki tv and their reporters – Darya Marchenko and Adele Fattakhova.

You can see the Teledetki tv video interview, in Russian, with Sofia below and also the official music video for My New Day (Moy novyy den) below.

Source: Teledetki tv; ESC Covers