ArmDreams Project release ‘I Love You’ to celebrate Valentines Day

ArmDreams Project have released a special and romantic song in time for Valentines Day. The song is called I Love You. I Love You is a charming ballad featuring various artists including Lena Ghazaryan, Lusine Mardanyan, Maggie, Nare Juguryan and Armen Virabyan. The music and lyrics are by Armen Virabyan. The recording and mastering is […]

Listen to Luiza Grigoryan and some of her cover songs

Luiza Grigoryan is a new singer from Armenia. She is currently working on a brand new song for release later in the year. In the meantime listen to some of her cover versions of some songs – Luiza impresses with the song Hayastan Ashxarh, where she shows her strong vocals. She has also recorded Say […]

Listen to the music of Nairi Hovhannisyan with Zaruhi Babayan’s song studio

Recently ESC Covers reported about the charming duet video of Nairi Hovhannisyan & Alina Sahakyan singing Qez im Yerevan. A song that was in the 2018 Depi Mankakan Evratesil in Armenia. Today we focus on Nairi. He is an up and coming singer with a lot of potential and a good talent. Nairi recorded another duet with Alina […]

Watch Syuzi from Armenia with her New Year video duet…and also some stage performances

Syuzi is a another talented young singer from Armenia. She recently released a New Year video with Vahan Harutyunyan via the Piano Forte Vocal Studio. It is a charming ballad and a sentimental and cute video. Syuzi has also been making some stage performances. She was on stage with Grig performing Yerevan 2800, about the historical […]

Check out Lilit Mravyan and her music

Lilit Mravyan is a talented young singer from Armenia. ESC Covers would like to share some of Lilit’s videos with you. She shows her versatility in different styles – upbeat, ballad. Bari luys was released in December 2016 and is an upbeat pop/dance song. A very young Lilit sings Lili. Again an upbeat and happy […]

Watch Anna Grigoryan perform cover of ‘Skazhi mne Dzhanym’

Anna Grigoryan has recorded a cover version of a Russian song Skazhi mne Dzhanym. It is mid-tempo track with a nice melody performed beautifully by Anna. Anna is a talented young singer from Armenia and she released a colourful and upbeat song and music video in 2018 called Mashup. Checkout Skazhi mne Dzhanym below. Source: ESC Covers

New Year greetings from Mary & Levon Serobyan feat Ski-Bi with ‘Amanor’

Bringing in the New Year of 2019 in style of Mary & Levon Serobyan feat Ski-Bi with their song Amanor. It has a fun and happy vibe. Ski-Bi provides some rapping on the upbeat track. Amanor is composed by Armen Virabyan. The arrangement and recording and mixing are courtesy of Emanuel Hakobyan (E-Man Studio). Mary & Levon are […]

Armenia: Watch the music video of ‘Qez im Yerevan’ by Nairi Hovannisyan & Alina Sahakyan

The song Qez im Yerevan (For you Yerevan) by the duo Sekunda was in the Depi Mankakan Evratesil national selection for Junior Eurovision in Armenia in 2018. Nairi Hovannisyan & Alina Sahakyan have released a music video clip for the song which is very bright and cheerful. The track is a catchy and melodic song composed […]

Elmira Talalyan appeared in San Remo Junior and hopes to try for Junior Eurovision in the future

ESC Covers recently told you about Elmira Talalyan and new song Qez hamar Hayastan. Elmira has been busy promoting the song and music video. She was a guest on a Yekir tv chat show in Armenia talking about the video together with her teacher and producer Zaruhi Babayan. Elmira also told ESC Covers she appeared in […]

Listen to the catchy song by Elmira Talalyan – ‘Qez hamar Hayastan’

A brand new song and video clip to check out is by Elmira Talalyan. The song is called Qez hamar Hayastan (For you Armenia). It is a catchy and upbeat song with a strong production. Qez hamar Hayastan is composed by Arsen Adonc. The director and editing is by Mariam Gevorgyan at MG studio. The recording […]