Melisa Gevorgian covers ‘bitches broken hearts’ by Billie Eilish

Melisa Gevorgian has recorded her version of the Billie Eilish song bitches broken hearts. Melisa gives a cool and soulful interpretation of the Billie Eilish track. It was at the 2018 Depi Mankakan Evratesil Junior Eurovision national selection that Melisa participated with the contemporary pop dance song Qameleon. You can see the music video for Melisa […]

Karina Ignatyan releases official video for ‘Colours Of Your Dream’

Karina Ignatyan will soon represent Armenia at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Poland with Colours Of Your Dream. Now the official music video for the song has been released. The video is produced by  MAG film show and directed by Angelina Miroshnichenko with the DOP being Sergey Dyshuk. Colours Of Your Dream is […]

Yana Hovhannisyan releases new song ‘Namak Zinvorin’

Yana Hovhannisyan has released another fascinating and powerful music video for the song Namak Zinvorin (Letter to the soldier). It is another very strong production and song by Edgar Aleksanyan and Duetro Studios. Yana is a young and talented singer from Armenia and already released some very impressive songs and music videos including Im Sern Irakan e, Im […]

Check out Hayk Durgaryan feat. Bella vs Milla and ‘Happy Birthday’

Hayk Durgaryan feat. Bella vs Milla have released another strong Duetro Production entitled Happy Birthday. This a fun song and video clip from Armenia. The music and lyrics are by Edgar Aleksanyan and is produced by DUETRO Production. Watch the music video of Happy Birthday below. Source: ESC Covers

Yana Hovhannisyan releases new song ‘Hayastan’

Yana Hovhannisyan has released a brand new song with the Duetro Kids entitled Hayastan (Armenia). The song and music video are upbeat and fun with a strong production. The producer of Hayastan is Edgar Aleksanyan and it is a Duetro Production. Check out the video clip of Hayastan below. Source: ESC Covers

Watch Srbuhi on National Singer competition in Armenia

Srbuhi is a talented young singer from Armenia. She is currently participating in the National Singer competition on Shant tv. Recently she did a workshop performance of Dashterov by Aram mp3 & Iveta Mukuchyan with Karlos Saha. The performance of Dashterov was very upbeat and lively and the judges including Aram mp3 really enjoyed it. Srbuhi Boyajyan has released […]

Elina Cholakhyan performs her version ‘Stay (Don’t Go Away)’ at Erebuni-Yerevan 2801

Elina Cholakhyan recently released her fabulous version of Stay (Don’t Go Away) by David Guetta feat. Raye. Elina got to perform the song at the Erebuni-Yerevan 2801 event in Armenia. Elina has already had much success in competitions and festivals and represented Armenia at the 2013 New Wave festival in Lithuania. She took part in the […]

Anna Grigoryan shines on National Singer competition in Armenia

Anna Grigoryan is currently participating in the National Singer competition on Shant tv in Armenia. She is impressing many with her fine performances. Let us check out some of her shows. First we see Anna performing Hayastani Axjikner by Iveta Mukuchyan (who represented Armenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with LoveWave). This was a really […]

Luiza Grigoryan releases ‘Armenian Mashup’ song and video

Luiza Grigoryan is a talented young singer from Armenia. She has just released a music video for the original Armenian Mashup song. Luiza has a charming and crystal clear voice that suits the song very well. You can see the video clip for Armenian Mashup below. Source: ESC Covers  

Maggie Badiryan to take part in Odessa-Adagio and Miss Super Star Europe competitions in Ukraine

Maggie Badiryan will participate in two important competitions in Odessa, Ukraine on 4-5 October. One is a music festival and the other is a beauty contest. Maggie will sing in the Odessa-Adagio international festival. She will also participate in the Miss Super Star Europe competition. Maggie is young, beautiful and talented and impressing many in […]