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Bojana Radovanović releases new song ‘Sve mi daj’

Bojana Radovanović

Bojana Radovanović has released a brand new song entitled Sve mi daj (Give me everything). It is a powerful Balkan pop song with a strong production and sung beautifully by Bojana and her clear vocals.

Sve mi daj is composed by Henny and Relja Torinno – R’. The arrangement and mastering is by Henny.

Bojana represented Serbia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Svet. She was a popular contestant on ‘Pinkove Zvezdice’ show in Serbia and went all the way to the Superfinal.

You can see the official music video for Sve mi daj below. You can follow Bojana at her official Instagram @bojanaradovanovic_official .

Source: ESC Covers



Serbia: Petar Aničić releases full version of ‘Heartbeat’

Petar Aničić @RTS
Petar Aničić @RTS

Petar Aničić will sing Heartbeat for Serbia at the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The full version of Heartbeat and the official music video have now been released.

Heartbeat is a ballad and in the video clip Petar does some rowing. The video was filmed in Belgrade and Ada in Serbia.

You can see the music video preview clip for Heartbeat below.

Source: ESC Covers; junioreurovision.tv


‘Ljubav u Bojama’ is the new single by Nevena

Nevena from the music video of 'Ljubab u Bojama'
Nevena from the music video of ‘Ljubab u Bojama’

Nevena has released a new song entitled Ljubav u Bojama (Love in colours).

Ljubav u Bojama is a change of style for Nevena with an electro 80s feel. The track is composed by Nevena and produced and arranged by Boris Krstajić.

Nevena Božović represented Serbia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Kruna. She also represented her country at the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and was a member of Moje 3, the Serbian representatives at Eurovision in 2013

You can see the official music video for Ljubav u Bojama below.

Source: ESC Covers

MC Stojan X Hurricane release ‘TUTURUTU’

Hurricane ℗ & © 2020MC Stojan & IDJTunes
Hurricane ℗ & © 2020MC Stojan & IDJTunes

A brand new release from Serbia is MC Stojan X Hurricane with TUTURUTU. It is a fun and upbeat song with a feelgood connection.

TUTURUTU is composed by  MC Stojan, Marko Moreno and Aleksa Šolaja.

Hurricane were selected to represent Serbia at the 2020 Eurovision with Hasta La Vista but unfortunately the contest was cancelled. It has not yet been decided if Hurricane will fly the Serbian flag at the 2021 Eurovision in Rotterdam.

You can see the official music video for TUTURUTU below.

Source: ESC Covers


Serbian Junior Eurovision singers collaborate for ‘S one strane duge’

2 1 3

Former Serbian representatives at Junior Eurovision have come together for a special project, Deca Evrovizije, to record S one strane duge (On the other side of the rainbow). It was a 90s hit in Serbia and the Balkans and the composers are Ljuba Ninković and Vladimir Aleksić.

The new arrangement of S one strane duge is by Vladimir Graić. The song was arranged by the Serbian broadcaster, RTS, and features Darija Vračević (2019), Bojana Radovanović  (2018), Irina Brodić  & Jana Paunović (2017), Dunja Jeličić (2016), Lena Stamenković (2015) and Nevena Božović (2007 – and who of course represented Serbia at Eurovision in 2019 and in 2013 as part of Moje 3). Leontina Vukomanović was the music producer and she also features on vocals.

The editing of the music and video are Silvana Grujić and Bojan Filipović and is directed by Ivan Milanović.

You can see the official music video of S one strane duge below.

Source: ESC Covers; Photos from the music video @RTS



Serbia: Listen to English version of ‘Hasta La Vista’ by Hurricane

Hurricane (C) Stema Production
Hurricane (C) Stema Production

Hurricane have released an English language version of Hasta La Vista, the song that were originally selected to represent Serbia with at the 2020 Eurovision.

Hasta La Vista is composed by Nemanja Antonić, Sanja Vučić and Adis Eminić. The arrangement is by Nemanja Antonić and mix and mastering is by Darko Dimitrov.

Hurricane are Sanja Vučić, Ksenija Knežević and Ivana Nikolić.

You can see the music video for the English version of Hasta La Vista below.

Source: ESC Covers

Bad Sasha releases new song ‘Free Fall’

Bad Sasha - 'Free Fall'
Bad Sasha – ‘Free Fall’

Bad Sasha has released a new and contemporary track entitled Free Fall. She has released the track to get over an important message during these current difficult times for the world.

The music is by Bad Sasha and the lyrics are by Aleksandra Ninković. The song is about love and how powerful it can be, and what you want it to be. We all have the power to make a difference and words hope to inspire people they can all contribute in their own way. No one should take life for granted, and that love is greater than fear!

The production is by Bad Sasha and Paul Blackstone.

Bad Sasha (Sasha) was on the Eurovision stage in Ukraine in 2017 as one of the stand in singers at the rehearsals. She performed the songs of Finland, Iceland, Denmark and The Netherlands.

The sleeve cover design is by Mohamed Nohassi.

Free Fall is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores such as Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

You can hear Free Fall below.

Source: ESC Covers


Serbia and Portugal and Sweden – all finalists now known


Flag of Serbia
Flag of Serbia
Flag of Portugal
Flag of Portugal


The semi-finals in Serbia and Portugal have been completed and the grand finalists are now known –

In Serbia for the Beovizija 2020 the finalists are –

In Portugal the finalists of Festival da Canção

  • Filipe Sambado Gerbera amarela do Sul
  • Bárbara Tinoco Passe-Partout
  • ElisaMedo de sentir
  • Throes + The ShineMovimento
  • Jimmy PAbensonhado
  • Tomás LuziaMais real que o amor
  • Kady Diz só
  • Elisa RodriguesNão voltes mais
  • In Sweden the four finalists from the Andra Chansen phase in Eskilstuna are –
  • Anis Don Demina
  • Paul Rey
  • Felix Sandman
  • Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella


  • Source: ESC Covers

Serbia: Bojana Radovanović releases new cover song ‘Budi tu / Soba

boj1 boj-2

Bojana Radovanović returns with a brand new cover. She has recorded a ‘mashup’ of Budi tu / Soba. Bojana has also filmed a special music video to accompany the track featuring Black Squad dancers.

The ‘mashup’ consists of recent popular Balkan hits Budi tu (Be here) by Voyage x Breskvica and Soba (Room) by EDITA.

The music video production is by Zahar Video Production and the choreography is courtesy of Aleksandar Alijević.

Bojana also recently recorded a duet with Katarina for the animated movie entitled Najbolji Dan (It’s time for a dream) from the animated movie ‘Vreme je za sankanje’. It is a catchy and upbeat song by Bojana & Katarina.

At the 2019 Junior Eurovision in Gliwice, Poland, Bojana was the spokesperson reading the results for Serbia. It was in 2018 that Bojana represented Serbia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Svet.

Bojana has been very busy recording several top music videos and cover version songs. She was also a very popular contestant on the top Balkan show Pinkove Zvezdice All Stars.

You can see the video clip for Budi tu / Soba below and also the music video for Najbolji Dan.

Source: ESC Covers – photos from the music video of ‘Budi tu / Soba’