Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze releases charming new song ‘Gelodebi’

Nutsa Buzaladze has released a new single from her new album ‘Nutsa 22′. The track is called Gelodebi and it a beautiful song with a nice melody and orchestral sound. Gelodebi and the album ‘Nutsa 22′ will be released via all download and streaming platforms. The song Gelodebi is composed by Rusa Morchiladze and Irina Sanikidze. Nutsa performed White […]

Nutsa Buzaladze launches debut album “22”

Nutsa Buzaladze is a respected and also still a rising star from Georgia. She has released her debut album entitled ‘22′. It is a top quality album with a first class production. The album is quite diverse with many different styles of music. Her multicultural nature and talent are fluent through the various tracks Nutsa […]

Watch out for Nutsa Buzaladze from Georgia

Nutsa Buzaladze took part in the 2017 Georgia Eurovision national selection with the haunting melody of White Horses Run. She gained a lot of acclaim for her performance and is certainly an artist to watch for in the future. Nutsa has already had much success in popular competitions such as O Ses Türkiye (The Voice of […]