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Finland: UMK 2021 artists revealed


The acts that will participate in the 2021 Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) national selection in Finland have been announced by the broadcaster, YLE

A couple of familiar names are included in UMK 2021- Aksel (who was originally chosen to represent Finland at the 2020 Eurovision but could not as the competition was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Also, Laura (who represented Estonia at the 2017 Eurovision with Koit Toome and she was also part of Suntribe at Eurovision in 2005).

The finalists are –

  •  Oskr – Lie
  • Teflon Brothers x Pandora – I Love You
  •  Danny – Sinä Päivänä Kun Kaikki Rakastaa Mua
  •  Laura – Play
  •  Aksel – Hurt
  • Blind Channel – Dark Side
  • Ilta – Kelle Mä Soitan

The songs will be made available to listen to gradually via the streaming service, Spotify, from 14 January.

The final of UMK will take place on 20 February.

Source: ESC Covers


Saara Aalto x Baga Chipz and the new release ‘When The Sun Goes Down’


Saara Aalto x Baga Chipz have come together with a new song entitled When The Sun Goes Down. It is an upbeat, summer dance song with a strong production.

When The Sun Goes Down is composed by Charles Rivington, Frankie Connolly, George Tizzard, James Birt, Kalvin Ryder, Nadine Samuels, Rick Parkhouse and Saara Aalto.

Saara represented Finland at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with Monsters.

Baga Chipz is a drag queen from United Kingdom especially known from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

You can hear When The Sun Comes Down below.

Source: ESC Covers

Anna Timgren having success in the world of K-Pop

twice wki izone loona 86179242_10157772326021702_3683536958627250176_n anna

Anna Timgren is a talented singer/songwriter from Finland. She has been composing and collaborating with various songwriters and producers and having big success with K-Pop music in South Korea, which is the hottest genre of music right now.

Some of the acts she has had success with are Twice, Loona, IZ*ONE, Rocket Punch, Bvndit, Weki Meki and HyunA and many more.

IZ*ONE and Loona are currently riding high right at the top of the prestigious Gaon Charts.

Anna wrote a song with Alex Mullarkey for Živilė Gedvilaitė entitled Learn From Your Love at the Eurovizijos nacionalinė atranka 2019 national selection in Lithuania. She has also worked with Greig Watts at DWB Music Ltd, who has been involved in many Eurovision selections.

You can see the latest music video by Weki Meki with the song Dazzle Dazzle, which is one of Anna’s current songs she has been working on and having success. Take a listen to Get Loud from the Twice mini-album, ‘Feel Special’. You can also hear the song that was in the Lithuanian Eurovision selection in 2019 for Živilė Gedvilaitė.

Source: ESC Covers


Watch: Danica Muscat perform ‘Monsters’ by Saara Aalto

Danica Muscat @facebook.com/danica.muscat.167
Danica Muscat @facebook.com/danica.muscat.167

Danica Muscat recently covered the Finland 2018 Eurovision song, Monsters, by Saara Aalto. Danica performed the song on the popular Maltese entertainment show, Arani Issa.

Danica is an established and respected singer and vocal coach in Malta. She has participated in the Malta Song For Europe national selection and had success in several festivals at home and abroad including Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the Rzeszów Carpathia Festival in Poland.

Danica was in Poland in 2019 as she is the vocal coach of the Malta participant at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eliana Gomez Blanco.

You can see Danica perform Monsters below.

Source: ESC Covers

Darude will perform ‘Look Away’ for Finland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman {copyright: YLE}
Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman {copyright: YLE}

The Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2019 final took place with Darude performing three songs. It was decided that Look Away will be the song that Darude will perform for Finland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in May.

The three songs –

  1. Release Me – 3rd
  2. Superman – 2nd
  3. Look Away – 1st

You can see Darude featuring Sebastian Rejman perform Look Away below.

Source: ESC Covers

Saara Aalto releases new music video for ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’

Saara Aalto {copuyright: WMG}
Saara Aalto {copuyright: WMG}

Saara Aalto has released a brand new music video for her song Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. The track is lifted from her internationally successful album ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is composed by Saara with David Sneddon and Tom Fuller.

Saara is currently competing in the popular UK tv show Dancing On Ice. Infact, her dance partner, Hamish Gaman, appears in the new video.

Watch Dance Like Nobody’s Watching below.

Source: ESC Covers; YouTube/Saara Aalto

Darude to represent Finland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Darude {copyright: Andrew MacRobert}
Darude {copyright: Andrew MacRobert}

Darude has been chosen to represent Finland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel in May. He is a top DJ dance artist and has had many hits.

The entry for Darude will be selected from a national final with three songs on 2 March.

The biggest hit worldwide by Darude was Sandstorm, originally released in 1999. Check out the video below.

Source: ESC Covers; Eurovision.tv

It is expected that vocalist here with The Giant Leap will help Darude with his Eurovision song.


19 songs were performed last night in semi final 1 – only 10 could go through to the final

Song 1 – X MY HEART from Azerbaijan    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Big surprise for me. Disappointed it did not make it.

Song 2 – OUR CHOICE from Iceland    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Sang with a lot of emotion. But the vocals were at time weak.

Song 3 – MALL from Albania   QUALIFIED – Strong performance. Deserved to qualify.

Song 4 – A MATTER OF TIME from Belgium   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Disappointing performance. Vocals were weak.

Song 5 – LIE TO ME from Czech republic   QUALIFIED – Strong stage performance.

Song 6 – WHEN WE’RE OLD from Lithuania   QUALIFIED – The song is a little boring but it was sung with a lot of emotion and very well.

Song 7 – TOY from Israel   QUALIFIED – One of the big favourites. All sorts of fun happening on stage. Deserved to make it.

Song 8 – FOREVER from Belarus   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Very poor performance and the staging with the roses did not work.

Song 9 – LA FORZA from Estonia   QUALIFIED – Very powerful vocals and visually stunning.

Song 10 – BONES from Bulgaria   QUALIFIED – Contemporary and strong performance.

Song 11 – LOST AND FOUND from F Y R Macedonia   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Disappointing live performance and the styling and staging were very poor.

Song 12 – CRAZY from Croatia   FAILED TO QUALIFY – Strong performance but the song was too weak.

Song 13 – NOBODY BUT YOU from Austria   QUALIFIED  – Positive stage performance and good vocals.

Song 14 – ONIRO MOU from Greece    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Maybe this was a little too ethnic for a lot of people. But I kind of liked it.

Song 15 – MONTERS from Finland    QUALIFIED – Outstanding vocals and magnificent staging. Very much deserved to qualify.

Song 16 – QAMI from Armenia    FAILED TO QUALIFY – Not strong enough.

Song 17 – STONES from Switzerland    FAILED TO QUALIFY – The staging and styling were perfect. Great performance. Shame it did not qualify.

Song 18 – TOGETHER from Ireland    QUALIFIED – For me vocals were poor. Did not deserve to make it.

Song 19 – FUEGO from Cyprus    QUALIFIED – Powerful and exciting stage performance. A big hit.