Vasya Boykova and her support for Belarus with ‘My Hieroi’

Vasya Boykova has recorded My Hieroi (We Are The Heroes) in support and solidarity of the people with the current situation of protests in Belarus. The song is a cover of the Litesound anthemic Eurovision hit, We Are The Heroes, from 2012. Vasya is from Ukraine and she took part with many people in a day of action in […]

Sara Dall’Olio releases her first official single ‘Caruso’ from her forthcoming debut album

Sara Dall’Olio has released her first official single. It is a cover of the famous masterpiece of a song, Caruso, made famous by artists like Lara Fabian. The track is from the forthcoming debut album by Sara due to be released in early 2021. Sara truly deserves this success after winning many top prizes and awards […]

Sara Dall’Olio releases cover of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston

Sara Dall’Olio recently featured on a cover version of the well known hit from the 80s by Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Sara gives a confident and soulful version of the song as a tribute to the late Whitney, and she recorded a special music video using a mobile phone! She did a […]


An interesting video ranking 2000 to 2019 according to the success of the big 4/5 in each year.

Diodato releases new music video for ‘Un’altra estate’

Diodato has released his latest single. It is entitled Un’altra estate (Another summer). The music video for Un’altra estate is directed by Priscilla Santinelli. Diodato won the San Remo festival this year with Fai rumore and would have been the Italian representative at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. You can see the video clip for Un’altra estate below. Source: […]

Francesco Gabbani releases new song ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’

Francesco Gabbani returns with a brand new song and music video and it is called Il Sudore Ci Appiccica (Sweat sticks us). It is an upbeat song with a strong beat and is quite catchy. Il Sudore Ci Appiccica is lifted from the album ‘Viceversa’. Francesco represented Italy at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in […]

Senhit covers ‘Insieme: 1992′ – Italian Eurovision winner of 1990

Senhit has made a cover of the 1990 Eurovision winning song for Italy by Toto Cutugno, Insieme: 1992. It was 30 years ago that Toto won the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy with a song that is even more meaningful now! Senhit was chosen to represent San Marino at the 2020 Eurovision with Freaky! You […]

Sara Dall’Olio releases beautiful new single ‘Stringimi cosi’

Sara Dall’Olio has released a beautiful new ballad entitled Stringimi cosi (Hold me like this). The song has a lovely melody and charming arrangement and Sara’s smooth and crystal clear vocals suit the track perfectly. Stringimi cosi is a song about the fear of losing a love and sometimes all you need is a simple hug […]

Listen: Giulia Falcone & Alexandre Bertet and their charming cover of ‘One’ by U2

Giulia Falcone & Alexandre Bertet have collaborated on a beautiful cover version of the U2 song, One.  The duet was arranged so that Guilia would sing at home in Italy and Alexandre would sing and play the piano from his home in France. The beautiful duet interpretation of One is a song of hope during […]

Listen to Vasya Boykova and her cover of ‘Fai rumore’ by Diodato (2020 Italy Eurovision)

Vasya Boykova has made another excellent cover of a 2020 Eurovision song. She has recorded the Italian song, Fai rumore (Make noise), by Diodato. Vasya’s charming and crystal clear vocals work really well on Fai rumore. The charming music video for Vasya’s version of Fai rumore was recorded at the Kiev Sea in Ukraine. Listen […]