Ala & Ola Tracz release new Christmas song ‘Święta to radości czas’

Sisters, Ala & Ola Tracz, have released a brand new Christmas song to cheer up our spirits for 2020. The song is called Święta to radości czas (Christmas is a time of joy). It is an upbeat and catchy and feelgood song. Just what we need right now! Święta to radości czas is composed by Agnieszka Wiechnik, […]

Vasya & Nina Boykova record Ukrainian version of ‘I’ll Be Standing’ – Poland JESC 2020

Sisters, Vasya & Nina Boykova, have released a Ukrainian language version of the 2020 Poland Junior Eurovision song, I’ll Be Standing, by Ala Tracz. It is a very different take on the song with this version being more like a ballad and quite laid back. The Ukrainian words are by Ekaterina Boykova. The instrumental track […]

Viki Gabor showcases ‘Move The World’ | Common Song Junior Eurovision 2020

Viki Gabor gave a live performance of Move The World | Common Song Junior Eurovision 2020 at the Opening Ceremony of the contest today based in Warsaw, Poland. Viki won the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Superhero. Check out Viki’s performance of Move The World below. Source: ESC Covers

Alicja releases new song ‘Na Pamięć’

Alicja is back with a new song and music video for the track Na Pamięć (By heart). It is a soulful and bluesy track with powerful vocals by Alicja. Na Pamięć is composed by Jakub Ochal, Alicja Szemplińska and Piotr Walicki. The production is by Piotr Walicki and the mastering by Arek Kopera. Alicja Szemplińska was selected to represent Poland […]

Viki Gabor returns with energetic dance song ‘That’s What She Said’

Viki Gabor has released her latest music video for the song That’s What She Said. It is a track full of energy and fun and has a positive dance vibe. That’s What She Said is the English version of a track from from Viki’s album ‘Getaway (Into My Imagination)’ called Afera and is composed by Dominic Buczkowski […]

Julia Lato covers ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys

Julia Lato has recently made a cover version of If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys.  Julia’s vocals give a nice soulful feel to the track. Julia is from Poland and earlier this year she released her debut single entitled Wiesz O Mnie Mało (You know little about me). Thanks to Julia’s vocal coach, Agnieszka Wiechnik. The […]

Viki Gabor releases her brand new single ‘Afera’

Viki Gabor has released the latest song from her hit album ‘Getaway (Into My Imagination)’. It is a hot dance track performed entirely in Polish called Afera (Affair). Afera is composed by Dominic Buczkowski – Wojtaszek, Patryk Kumór, Małgorzata Uściłowska and Reece Pullinger. It is produced by Dominic Buczkowski – Wojtaszek and Patryk Kumór. The mix […]

Alicja releases brand new song ‘Pusto’

Alicja has just released her brand new single called Pusto (It’s empty), It is a haunting and somewhat dark ballad. Pusto is composed by Alicja Szemplińska, Bogdan Kondracki and Karolina Kozak. The song is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores. Alicja Szemplińska was selected to represent Poland with Empires at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest but, […]

Alicja releases new song ‘Gdzieś’

Alicja has released a new song entitled Gdzieś (Somewhere). It is a radio friendly song , quite similar in style to Emily Sandé. Gdzieś is composed by Alicja Szemplińska, Bogdan Kondracki and Karolina Kozak. The production and mix engineer is Bogdan Kondracki.  The mastering is by Piotr Łukaszewski. Alicja was selected to represent Poland at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with Empires, […]

Viki Gabor releases her debut album ‘Getaway (Into My Imagination)

Viki Gabor has released her debut album to much acclaim. The album is called ‘Getaway (Into My Imagination)’. The album includes her 2019 Junior Eurovision winning song for Poland, Superhero, as well as her successful follow up singles. ‘Getaway (Into My Imagination)’ is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores. There is also […]