Check out ‘SHO PRAESH’ by Steffonator feat. Martija

Steffonator feat. Martija have released a brand new song and video for the song SHO PRAESH. The music for SHO PRAESH is by Sasho Parquet and the lyrics are by Ivan Einstein. The mix and mastering are courtesy of GP. The video is by Tomislav Zivkovic. Martija represented North Macedonia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision […]

Watch the DaCapo Band sing ‘Sudbo moja’

The DaCapo Band are a popular band from North Macedonia. They recently performed the song Sudbo moja (My sister) on tv. DaCapo Band play a popular Macedonian and Balkan hits. The band are Ljupka Arsovska – vocals, Vasko Spasov – vocals, Vlatko Đorčev – clarinet/saxophone, Goran Kostadinov – keyboards, Todor Ušitkov – keyboards, Nikola Davčev – striking […]

Watch the music video for Eye Cue and their song Dancin’

Eye Cue have released their new single and music video for the song Dancin’. It is a radio friendly and upbeat song composed and produced by Bojan Trajkovski. The official video clip is by James Gallant. Eye Cue are Bojan Trajkovski  and Marija Ivanovska. They represented North Macedonia (then FYR Macedonia) at the 2018 Eurovision Song […]

Marija Spasovska releases lyric video for ‘Pokreni srca zar’ song

Marija Spasovska has returned with the song Pokreni srca zar. She has released an official lyric video for the track which has an upbeat pop track. Pokreni srca zar is composed by Nemanja Mihajlović and Tode Nikoletic. Marija represented the now North Macedonia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the dramatic and haunting Doma. […]