Listen: Laura Krliu and her new song ‘Nata E Fundit’

Laura Krliu has released a brand new song entitled Nata E Fundit (Last night). The song has a feelgood upbeat dance vibe and has a powerful production. Perfect for the summer days! Laura is from North Macedonia and the song is performed in Albanian. Her vocals are smooth and crystal clear. Nata E Fundit is composed by […]

Ivana Petkovska & Teodor Bogojevski release ‘Kad Zamirisu Jorgovani’ cover song

Ivana Petkovska & Teodor Bogojevski have released a beautiful interpretation of the Balkan evergreen song Kad Zamirisu Jorgovani (When lilacs smell). The song was originally recorded by Vesna Zmijanac & Dino Merlin (Dino represented Bosnia-Herzegovina twice at Eurovision – 1999, a duet with Béatrice, and in 2014, where he performed Love In Rewind). The music credits are to Vasil […]

Tamara Todevska releases official music video for ‘Sloboda’

Tamara Todevska has released the official video clip for her new song Sloboda (Freedom). It is an uplifting and feelgood track and perfect for long summer days. Sloboda is composed by Robert Bilbilov and Igor Džambazov. The arrangement is by Darko Dimitrov. Tamara represented North Macedonia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Proud and […]

Tamara Todevska releases new single with Macedonian and English versions!

Tamara Todevska is back with a brand new release and she has recorded Macedonian and English versions! The release in North Macedonia is Sloboda (Freedom) and in English the title is Rise. Sloboda / Rise is an upbeat song with a real summer feelgood vibe with a powerful production. It is composed by Robert Bilbilov, Kosta […]

Listen to ‘Stvoreni za ljubov’ by Andrea

A brand new release to check out is Stvoreni za ljubov (Made for love) by Andrea. The track builds and builds in to a smooth and radio friendly song. Stvoreni za ljubov is composed, arranged and produced by Aleksandar Masevski (composer of the 2016 and 2017 North Macedonia Junior Eurovision songs). Andrea also released a previous […]

North Macedonia: Vasil and what his stage performance of ‘You’ would have included in Rotterdam!

Vasil was selected to represent North Macedonia at the 2020 Eurovision with You. After a tv interview Vasil advised what plans there were for the stage performance. A team from Sweden was helping with the stage show, the same people involved with Tamara’s successful show at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. The […]

Leo & Ivana sing ‘Nemir’ in quarantine for Rade Jovčevski – Korčagin project

Leo & Ivana performed the song Nemir as part of a special project for Rade Jovčevski – Korčagin school. The duet was performed in quarantine and is a result of the online teaching of music art. Ivana Petkovska represented North Macedonia (then it was FYR Macedonia) at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest together with Magdalena Aleksovska […]

Watch: Daorsa Sopa perform ‘Proud’ by Tamara Todevska

Listen to little Daorsa Sopa, from Kosovo, perform the 2019 Eurovision song of North Macedonia, Proud, by Tamara Todevska. Source: ESC Covers    

Martija Stanojković will guest on ‘@backstage_macedonia’ on Instagram today (27 March)

Martija Stanojković will guest on @backstage_macedonia at home via Instagram today at 20:00 (CET). She will be interviewed and maybe they will ask her to sing a little. Martija represented North Macedonia (then it was FYR Macedonia) at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Love Will Lead The Way. She has since recorded several […]

Barbara releases her new song ‘Mirisash’

    Barbara has released her brand new single entitled Mirisash. It is a rhythmic and upbeat radio friendly pop song with a little fun, which is just what we need at this time. Mirisash is composed by Robert Bilbilov and Robin Zimbakov. The production is by Robert Bilbilov (Just RB Production). The music video is directed […]