Watch: Ljupka Arsovska perform ‘Smej mi se smej’ on ‘My Favourite Song’ show

Ljupka Arsovska gave a beautiful performance on the ‘My Favorite Song’ show from North Macedonia. Ljupka performed a charming cover of the song Smej mi se smej by Karolina Gočeva, who represented North Macedonia at the 2002 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contests. The mix and mastering for the Smej mi se smej track are by Aleksandar Spasencovski. The piano playing is […]

Mina Blažev and her cover of ‘Nocturno’ on ‘My Favorite Song’ show

Mina Blažev has made a welcome return by performing on the ‘My Favorite Song’ show from North Macedonia. Mina performed a beautiful cover of the song Nocturno by Oliver Dragojević. The mix and mastering and piano playing for the Nocturno track are by Aleksandar Spasencovski. The recording took place at the MusicStudioSpasencovski. Mina represented North Macedonia at the 2017 […]

Tamara Stojkovska releases her new song ‘Zhedni’

Tamara Stojkovska has released her brand new song entitled Zhedni (Thirsty). It is a song with a positive retro soulful vibe with some nice effective use of strings and guitar. A radio friendly song sung beautifully by Tamara. Zhedni is composed by Davor Nečak (music and arrangement) and Tamara Stojkovska (lyrics). The music video is courtesy of Pece Zdravkovski […]

Listen to Barbara Rakicevic and her new song ‘Posilno od se’

Barbara Rakicevic is a talented singer from North Macedonia. She recently released her new song called Posilno od se (Stronger than anything). It is a charming ballad sung beautifully and with lots of emotion by Barbara. Posilno od se is composed by  Andrijana Janevska. The audio was recorded at Ginovski music studio in Macedonia. You […]

Listen to Mina Blažev and her cover of ‘Kako Posle Nas’

Mina Blažev has covered the song Kako Posle Nas (How after us) by Saša Kovačević.   Her classy vocals suit the song with a charming style and poise. Mina earlier this year had a big success at the Dmoll Online Festival 2020 where she took the first place – Grand Prix award. Mina represented North Macedonia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song […]

‘Music That Unites Generations’ – Important concert took place in North Macedonia

An important concert took place recently at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. It was arranged by the cultural and artistic association of ‘Mrika’ from Kumanovo in North Macedonia. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the North Macedonia Republic and named ‘Music That Unites Generations’. The concert took on significant importance […]

Magi releases beautiful new song ‘Zbori Mi’

Magi has released a brand new song entitled Zbori Mi (Talk to me). It is a beautiful and laid back song with a cool jazz feel where you can feel the sound of the instruments and the charming vocals of Magi. Zbori Mi is composed by Kiril Babamov and Vesna Malinova Babamov and arranged by Kiril Babamov, […]

Vasil releases new single ‘PriKazna’

Vasil has released his brand new song entitled PriKazna (Story). The song is modern and artistic with a good production. PriKazna is composed by Vasil, Tanja Brkovska and Dejan Panov. The arrangement is by Davor Jordanovski. Vasil was selected to represent North Macedonia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with You, but did not get the chance […]

Listen: Laura Krliu and her new song ‘Nata E Fundit’

Laura Krliu has released a brand new song entitled Nata E Fundit (Last night). The song has a feelgood upbeat dance vibe and has a powerful production. Perfect for the summer days! Laura is from North Macedonia and the song is performed in Albanian. Her vocals are smooth and crystal clear. Nata E Fundit is composed by […]

Ivana Petkovska & Teodor Bogojevski release ‘Kad Zamirisu Jorgovani’ cover song

Ivana Petkovska & Teodor Bogojevski have released a beautiful interpretation of the Balkan evergreen song Kad Zamirisu Jorgovani (When lilacs smell). The song was originally recorded by Vesna Zmijanac & Dino Merlin (Dino represented Bosnia-Herzegovina twice at Eurovision – 1999, a duet with Béatrice, and in 2014, where he performed Love In Rewind). The music credits are to Vasil […]