Bulgaria: 4Magic return with some ‘XO XO’

4Magic returned recently with their brand new song and music video for XO XO. The track is another cool and funky dance song with a great style. XO XO lyrics are by the 4Magic girls –  Nikol Kaneva, Elia Todorova, Valentina Nikov and Eleonora Ivanova.  Music and arrangement by Erik Bernholm, Siv Marit Egseth, Touray […]

Victoria is ‘Alright’ with her new single

Victoria has released a new song entitled Alright. The track begins slowly with spoken words but builds up in to a ‘Billie Eilish’ type radio friendly pop song. Alright is composed by Victoria Georgieva, Sanne Osterberg, Cornelia Wiebois, Martin Masarov and Borislav Milanov. Victoria was chosen to represent Bulgaria at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with […]

Danielah releases new music video for her song ‘Sola’

Danielah is a young and talented singer from Bulgaria. She has released her first official music video and song entitled Sola. It is a charming and summery song with a strong production. Sola is composed by Danielah Stoyanova herself and the arrangement and mixing and mastering is by Nikolay Petrov. The music video is courtesy of David Suknarov. […]

Bulgaria: Watch Victoria and her Eurovision Home Concerts performance of ‘Tears Getting Sober’

Victoria gave a charming performance of her 2020 Eurovision song for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Home Concerts series. She was joined by talented musicians as she sang Tears Getting Sober. You can see Victoria perform Tears Getting Sober below. Source: ESC Covers

Kristian Kostov releases new song ‘Honest’

Kristian Kostov has released a brand new song entitled Honest. It is a contemporary pop track with a Justin Bieber / Shawn Mendes feel. Honest is composed by Kristian Kostov, Daniel Kostov, Fredrik Toremark, Anton Hansson and Maya Nalani Karlson. The production is by Anton Hansson and Sasha Xuman. Kristian represented Bulgaria at the 2017 […]

4Magic releases ‘Dancing With The Satellites’ – English version of their big hit ‘Vselena’

4Magic are the hottest girl band right now in Bulgaria. The former X Factor Bulgaria winners have had a string of successful songs and music videos. The girls have just released Dancing With The Satellites. It is the English version of their most recent big hit Vselena. 4Magic are Nikol Kaneva, Valentina Nikova, Eliya Todorova and […]

Bulgaria: Mirella & Presiyana give special performance at Eurokids – Winter festival in Italy

The talented sisters, Mirella & Presiyana Dimitrova, from Bulgaria were special invited guests and performed at the Eurokids – Winter festival held in Maori, Italy. Mirella & Presiyana gave an outstanding performance of Maybe I Maybe You by the rock group, the Scorpions. The directors of the Eurokids – Winter festival, Francesco and Vincenzo Colasanto, invited […]

Listen: Marli with ‘As My Liefde Oortree’ – cover of Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016 Eurovision)

Marli has covered the 2016 Eurovision song of Bulgaria by Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime. She recorded the track in the Afrikaans language and it is entitled As My Liefde Oortree (If my love violates). Marli has written the Afrikaans lyrics for the track. Recently Marli, from South Africa, released a country pop […]

4Magic return with hot new single ‘Vselena’

4Magic are back with a brand new single entitled Vselena (Universe). It is an upbeat pop/dance track with a strong rhythm and production. Vselena is composed by the girls of 4Magic – Nikol Kaneva, Valentina Nikova, Eliya Todorova and Eleonora Ivanova together with Erik Bernholm and Ellen Berg. The mix and mastering is by Cristian Tarcea – […]

Krisia returns with ‘Vitamin’ single and video

Krisia has released a brand new single entitled Vitamin. It is a cool summer inspired fun song. Krisia has appeared to change a lot in recent years. She is maturing in to a great singer and charming looking girl. Vitamin is composed by Krisia Todorova and the text is by Evangeline.  The arrangement is by Svetlin Kŭslev […]