Michelle releases new song and video for ‘Anders ist gut’

Michelle is back with another new single and video clip. This time for the song Anders ist gut (Different is good). It is an upbeat and catchy schlager track with a strong production. Anders ist gut is composed by Peter Plate, Ulf Leo Sommer, Joshua Lange and Sommer Verlag. This is a quickfire follow up to VORBEI VORBEI and is taken […]

Michelle releases new song ‘VORBEI VORBEI’

Michelle is back with a brand schlager track called VORBEI VORBEI (Over Over). It is an upbeat and catchy song with a powerful beat and production. VORBEI VORBEI is from Michelle’s album ‘Anders ist gut (Deluxe)’, which is available to purchase as a CD from stores such as Amazon or to download or stream from […]

Special celebration album to Ralph Siegel released – ‘Mehr Als Ein Bisschen Frieden’

On the day of his birthday, ESC Covers would like to tell you about a special album celebration release to Ralph Siegel. The album is called ‘Mehr Als Ein Bisschen Frieden’ (More than a little peace). It is the ‘the best of the best’ of some of his many compositions over the years. He has […]


An interesting video ranking 2000 to 2019 according to the success of the big 4/5 in each year.


It seems every Eurovision country will get a chance for its best top 10 – second up is GERMANY

Ramon Roselly wins Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar final in Germany

Ramon Roselly is the winner of the 2020 season of Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar in Germany. The Idol show was cut short this year because of the coronavirus situation but the final took place without an audience on Saturday evening. The four finalists were Ramon Roselly, Chiara D’Amico, Joshua Tappe and Paulina Wagner. Chiara was […]

Marianne Rosenberg tops the German charts for the first time with her album ‘Im Namen der Liebe’

Marianne Rosenberg has been a legendary star in Germany for many years but for the very first time at 65 years old, she is topping the German music album charts with her latest collection ‘Im Namen der Liebe’. Marianne has many massive hits throughout her career and has a big and cult following. Her hits […]

Ben Dolic will sing ‘Violent Thing’ for Germany at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest

Ben Dolic has been chosen internally to represent Germany at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Violent Thing. Ben was born in Slovenia and moved to Switzerland and reached the final of The Voice Of Germany. Violent Thing composers include the successful Eurovision composer Boris Milanov. You can see the music video for Violent […]

Samira releases ‘Do It’ music video

Samira is a brand new artist to check out. She has released an original soulful song entitled Do It. The video clip was filmed in Albania and has now been released courtesy of DArt Channel. The lyrics for Do It are by Samira herself and they have an emotional and special message to convey. The music […]

Cascada releases new track ‘Like The Way I Do’

Cascada returns with a brand new song entitled Like The Way I Do. It is an upbeat and strong dance track in the traditional style of Cascada. It was at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest that Cascada represented Germany with the anthemic Glorious. You can see the official music video for Like The Way I Do […]