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Songs Being Performed Consecutively Was Rare, Now Is Common

Belgium-Laura-Tesoro-15 israel-2017-imri-ziv

The first time that the same Eurovision entry had been performed back-to-back occurred in 2016. The feat was then repeated just one year later.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Belgium’s Laura Tesoro closed out the second semi-final with a high-energy performance of What’s The Pressure. She then had to wait until the final moments of the show to find out if she would be performing it again on the Eurovision stage.

Petra Mede: “And, finally, the last finalist. Tonight’s 10th winner is …” 

A camera shows a very nervous Laura amongst others awaiting the next word.

Finally, it comes. “Belgium!”

That word sparked wild celebrations from her as she jumped up and down on the couch in the Belgian section of the green room.

Laura didn’t have long to celebrate, however, as she and her team went back to work the following morning, shortly after she discovered that she would be opening the final. That meant that What’s The Pressure would be performed back-to-back, making it the first song in Eurovision history to earn that distinction.

It turned out that the tension surrounding the order in which the finalists were announced was, in the end, unnecessary as her entry ended up finishing third in that semi-final and was in no danger of missing out on the final. Of course, nobody knew that at the time. What’s The Pressure then came in 10th in the final.

The uniqueness of having a song be performed back-to-back, however, did not remain unique for long.

In 2017, Israel’s IMRI closed out the second semi-final with his own high-energy entry: I Feel Alive. Like What’s The Pressure, his song also finished third in its semi.  But, fortunately for him, he didn’t have to wait as long to find out that he would be moving on to the final.

Oleksandr Skichko: “Our sixth finalist is … Israel!” 

Still, wild scenes in the Israeli section of the green room followed as IMRI celebrated with his Israeli flag.

Then he discovered that he would also be opening the final. Unfortunately, I Feel Alive was not received nearly as well as What’s The Pressure had been by the juries and televoters as it finished in 23rd place.

Although the sample size is exceptionally small, it doesn’t appear that performing last in the second semi-final and then first in the final has much of an affect on that entry’s result in the final. Regardless, it is has got to be an interesting experience to go from closing out one show to opening the next.


Sir Terry Wogan – 31 August 1938 to 31 January 2016

Sir Terry Wogan - 31 August 1938 to 31 January 2016
Sir Terry Wogan – 31 August 1938 to 31 January 2016

“The BBC broadcaster, Sir Terry Wogan, who surely ranks as the UK’s best loved radio and TV host has left us and passed away at the age of 77. Sir Terry died after a short battle with cancer and our kind wishes go to his wife and children at this sad time.

As a former British resident I awoke each morning to hear Terry’s warm jolly voice on Radio 2 breakfast show. Terry Wogan, of Irish birth, became a household name all over Europe as Terry single handedly each year since the early 70s was the BBC commentator for Eurovision Song Contest. His amazing brand of Irish wit became an annual tradition with each Eurovision Song Contest  broadcast, in fact over the years on the odd occasion Terry did not made the commentary box it was just not the same, claimed many of the British viewing public. As Sir Terry and Eurovision forged a joint annual tradition.

Sir Terry will be missed so very much, as the ESC has out lived Sir Terry Wogan  he will never be forgotten R.I.P.”

Written by Steve Humphreys,  Melbourne, Australia

Diana Gromova appears in Icon contest…and the winner will sing in Belarus national final

Diana Gromova {copyright: Diana Gromova/VK; Icon competition}
Diana Gromova {copyright: Diana Gromova/VK; Icon competition}

Diana Gromova is a highly talented young singer from Belarus. In the past she appeared in several Junior Eurovision national selections in her homeland but narrowly missed out on representing her country. She has also submitted songs to the Belarus national selection in recent years.

Now Diana is competing in the Icon competition in Belarus (the Icon of the scene). Over the weeks the acts have had to sing an original song, russian hit, world hit and a Eurovision song. Diana performed her version of Warrior (2015 ESC Georgia) by Nina Sublatti.

The creator of the Icon project is Belarusian music producer Maksim Aleynikov. The final will be on 29 October, where 12 acts will compete. The prize is not only for money but the winner will also have a song for the Belarus Eurovision national selection.

You can see Diana in a compilation video below where you can see her perform Warrior also.

Source: www.esccovers.com