‘Last Night’ – Poli Genova returns with new single

Poli Genova is back with a new single called Last Night. It is an upbeat and 80s retro feel dance song. Last Night is composed by naBBoo and Romy Dya. The production is by Poli Genova / Policanto. Poli has represented Bulgaria twice at the Eurovision Song Contest – in 2011 with Na inat and 2016 with If Love […]

ZOË releases her new single ‘Tout Paris’

ZOË is back with a new single and it is entitled Tout Paris (All Paris). It is an upbeat and positive pop song with exotic rhythms and a powerful and energetic production. Tout Paris is composed by Phil Speiser, Zoe Straub and Christof Straub. The track is produced by Christof Straub and recorded by Phil […]

‘Hold On’ is the new country hit for Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob is back with a new song called Hold On. It is a country flavoured song with a laid back feel. Hold On is available to purchase or stream from digital stores such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and many more. Douwe Bob represented the Netherlands at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Slow […]

Laura Tesoro & Loïc Nottet feat. Alex Germys release ‘Strangers’ single

Laura Tesoro & Loïc Nottet feat. Alex Germys have released a brand new song entitled Strangers. It is interesting to see two former Belgian Eurovision acts collaborate on this contemporary track that is radio friendly. Strangers is composed by  Laura Tesoro & Loïc Nottet, Alex Germys and Amy Morrey. The track is available to purchase or […]

Sergey Lazarev releases two new songs ‘Ya ne mogu molchat’ and ‘NeOdinochki’

Sergey Lazarev returns with two new songs. First up we have Ya ne mogu molchat (I cannot be silent). This is an upbeat dance song with a cool music video where all the action is at a wedding reception. The second single released by Sergey is NeOdinochki (Not singles). This is another contemporary and radio friendly track that […]

Amir releases new song ‘Toi’

Amir has released a new song entitled Toi (You). It is a laid back track and is from his current new album called ‘Ressources’ (Resources). Toi is composed by Amir, Nazim Khaled and Assaf Tzrouya. Amir represented France at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with J’ai cherché. You can see the official video clip for Toi below. […]

‘Paper Dragon’ is the new single by Dami Im

Dami Im is back with a new song called Paper Dragon. It is a catchy and radio friendly track with power vocals by Dami. Paper Dragon is composed by Dami Im and ELKI. The production is courtesy of Konstantin Kersting. Dami represented Australia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Sound Of Silence. You can […]

Nina Kraljić releases her new song ‘Čuvaj me’

Nina Kraljić returns with a new release entitled Čuvaj me (Protect me). It is a Balkan style mid-tempo pop track with a good production. Čuvaj me is composed by Marko Matijević, Sekul Maja Kolarić and Boris Kolarić. The production is by Marko Matijević Sekul/Beton Music. Nina represented Croatia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Lighthouse. […]

Marlé Bruyns releases Afrikaans cover of 2016 ESC Australia – ‘Hartklop’

Marlé Bruyns has released an Afrikaans language version of Sound Of Silence by Dami Im entitled Hartklop (Heartbeat). Hartklop is very well produced and Marle’s vocals suit the song very well. The track sounds very effective in Afrikaans. The song, Hartklop, is currently on the Springbok Internet Radio’s Top 20 in South Africa. You can see […]

Sergey Lazarev releases new single and video for ‘Labirint’

Sergey Lazarev is back with a brand new song entitled Labirint (Maze). It is a mid-tempo and radio friendly song with a strong beat and production. Labirint is lifted from Sergey’s album ‘Eto ya’. It is composed by Alekseev Anatoly Gurman. Sergey represented Russia at the 2016 and 2019 Eurovision Song Contests. You can see official video […]