Samra returns with ‘Queen’ single

Samra is back with a brand new song entitled Queen. The track is stylish and upbeat and radio friendly. Queen is composed by  Erik Dahlqvist, Dino Medanhodzic and Johanna Jansson.  The mix and mastering is by Dino Medanhodzic and the project producer is Ilaha Baxshiyeva. The graphic design and motion is thanks to Amal Alili […]

Listen: New single ‘No Remedy’ by Moss feat. ZOË

Moss feat. ZOË have released a brand new collaboration entitled No Remedy. The track is a radio friendly pop song with a strong production. No Remedy is composed by  Philipp Moosbeckhofer, Zoë Straub and Christof Straub. The production is by Moss and Christian Knollmüller. The music video for No Remedy has also been released and is […]

Listen: Marli with ‘As My Liefde Oortree’ – cover of Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016 Eurovision)

Marli has covered the 2016 Eurovision song of Bulgaria by Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime. She recorded the track in the Afrikaans language and it is entitled As My Liefde Oortree (If my love violates). Marli has written the Afrikaans lyrics for the track. Recently Marli, from South Africa, released a country pop […]

ZOË releases brand new single and video clip for ‘Amour Fou’

ZOË has a released a brand new single entitled Amour Fou (Crazy love). It is an upbeat and positive pop song with a strong production. Amour Fou is composed by Zoë Straub and Christof Straub and is produced by Christof Straub for GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar GmbH. The video is by Illuminati Film. The making of the […]

Ira Losco & Michela team up for hot new song ‘Cannonball’

Ira Losco feat. Michela have released a much anticipated brand new song and video clip together. The track is titled Cannonball. It is a high powerful and raucous pop/rock song packed with energy and fun and top vocals by the girls. Ira was a judge on X Factor in Malta where Michela won the competition and […]

Check out ‘Las Chicas Buenas’ by Chenoa feat. Barei

Chenoa feat. Barei have released a brand new song for the autumn of 2019. It is an upbeat and fun dance song entitled Las Chicas Buenas (The Good Girls). Barei represented Spain at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Say Yay! Chenoa was a popular contestant in the very first season of Operación Triunfo in 2001-02 in Spain […]

Sergey Lazarev releases new single ‘Lovi’

Sergey Lazarev has released a new single entitled Lovi. The track has an 80s feel and is a midtempo pop song. Lovi is composed by Alekseev Anatoliy Anatolievich. Sergey recently represented Russia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Scream and finished in third place. He also represented his country at the 2016 Eurovision and again […]

Jamala, Cape Cod release ‘Krok’

Jamala, Cape Cod have released Krok. It is an upbeat song with a strong production and beat. Jamala won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine with 1944. You can see the lyrics video for Krok below. Source: ESC Covers


The group ARGO, who represented Greece at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Utopian Land have released a brand new song called EIMAI EDO (I am here). The new song is released via Spark Records and is available via most digital platforms. You can see the music video for Eimai Edo below. Source: Spark Records; […]

Check out the latest music video by Ira Losco ‘High’

Ira Losco has released a new track from her album ‘No Sinner No Saint’. The song is entitled High. Ira represented Malta at the 2002 and 2016 Eurovision Song Contests. You can see the music video for High below. Source: ESC Covers