VICTORIA from BULGARIA released a new song and video today. It is called UGLY CRY. Victoria was suppose to represent Bulgaria at the 2020 Eurovision song contest but that was canceled due to Covid 19, and now she will again be their representative for 2021. UGLY CRY is one of the possible songs they may […]

Victoria is ‘Alright’ with her new single

Victoria has released a new song entitled Alright. The track begins slowly with spoken words but builds up in to a ‘Billie Eilish’ type radio friendly pop song. Alright is composed by¬†Victoria Georgieva, Sanne Osterberg, Cornelia Wiebois, Martin Masarov and Borislav Milanov. Victoria was chosen to represent Bulgaria at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with […]

Bulgaria: Watch Victoria and her Eurovision Home Concerts performance of ‘Tears Getting Sober’

Victoria gave a charming performance of her 2020 Eurovision song for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Home Concerts series. She was joined by talented musicians as she sang Tears Getting Sober. You can see Victoria perform Tears Getting Sober below. Source: ESC Covers


BULGARIA returned to Eurovision 2020 after a short break. They announced that VICTORIA will represent them and towards the end of the selection process, they announced she will sing a song called TEARS GETTING SOBER. Here is the promo cover for it.


BULGARIA’s 2020 Eurovision entry is TEARS GETTING SOBER by VICTORIA.