Eldar releases brand new song ‘Catch If You Fall’

Eldar is back with a brand new single entitled Catch If You Fall. The song is dramatic and passionate and there is an exciting and eye catching music video to accompany the track. Catch If You Fall is composed by  Music: Farhad Musayev, Eldar, Omar Abdulkarimov and lyrics: Eldar.  The mix and mastering is by Farhad Musayev at […]

Senhit releases cover of ‘Ding A Dong’

Senhit has released her version of the 1975 Eurovision winner by Teach In for The Netherlands. The song is Ding A Dong and she has put her own unique style to the song. The version of Ding A Dong is very different to the original and it is soulful and retro dance oriented. Senhit has […]

Eric Saade releases new album ‘Det svarta fåret’

Eric Saade has just released his brand new album called ‘Det svarta fåret’ (The black sheep). The album has seven tracks and includes five new songs written in Swedish. The latest Glas is currently riding high in the Swedish charts and there is another single just released Nån som du (Somebody like you). This is […]

TWiiNS are back with hot new track ‘Que Me Gusta’

TWiiNS return with a hot new track for the summer of 2019. The song is called Que Me Gusta and it gives a sunny feelgood vibe and is catchy and fun. Que Me Gusta is composed by Michael James Down and Will Taylor. It is recorded by Zoli Toth/Randal Group and produced, mixed and mastered at Simone Ermacora/DOD […]

Kati Wolf releases new single called ‘Próbáld még!’

Kati Wolf has released a brand new single. The song is entitled Próbáld még! (Try it!). It is a pop/rock track and is composed by Péter Krajczár and Kati Wolf. Kati represented Hungary at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with What About My Dreams. You can see the official lyric video for Próbáld még! below. Source: ESC Covers

Eldar releases brand new song ‘Rising Up’

Eldar returns with a brand new song entitled Rising Up. It is an upbeat and contemporary song with a positive vibe. It is a radio friendly track with a strong production. Rising Up is composed by Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås, two very talented songwriters from Sweden. They wrote the popular and catchy This Is The […]

‘Yes It Is!’ – Twiins returns with brand new single and video clip

The Twiins are back with a new single for the autumn of 2017. The song is entitled Yes It Is! and it is composed by Meital Cohen Patash and Orr Lavie. The arrangement is by Niv Cohen and is published by Alon Amir Publishing (STIM / ACUM). Yes It Is! has a strong production and […]

Eric Saade releases brand new song and video ‘Another Week’

Eric Saade has released a brand new single entitled Another Week. It is an upbeat summery pop dance song. There is also an official video clip released which also has a summer flavour and a fun vibe. It is directed by LMDL and produced by House of Wizards. Another Week is available to download or stream at […]

Emmy releases her new single – ‘LA Yerevan’

Emmy is back with a brand new single for 2016 and the title of the song is LA Yerevan. It is composed by Nick Egibyan, Vladimir Poghosyan and Avet Barseghyan. Production is by Nick Egibyan. The song has a fun and r’n’b style. The official video looks like a lot of fun also. Emmy (full name Emmy Bedzjanjan) represented Armenia at the […]

‘Colors Of My Love’ – The brand new single by Nina

Nina has released her brand new single and video clip for Colors Of My Love. She has wrote the music and lyrics herself. It is an anthemic pop song and is a perfect radio friendly song that showcases Nina’s vocal and songwriting talents. It is a Senses Audio Production and the video is directed by Veljko […]