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2021 Eurovision in review

2021 Eurovision in review – 41 countries and songs.

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Lithuania: 5 more acts qualify from Heat 2 of Pabandom iš naujo! ..and The Roop perform their entry

Heat 2 took place of the Pabandom iš naujo! national selection in Lithuania. Five more acts qualifed for the next phase. In addition The Roop got to showcase their 2021 entry, Discotheque.

The five acts to qualify from Heat 2 –

Gebrasy – Where’d You Wanna Go? 
Gabrielius Vagelis – My Guy 
Evita Cololo – Be Paslapčių
Norbertas Man In Need
Aistė Brokenleg – Home

The Roop will go directly to the final with Discotheque, which they performed for the first time. They missed out on Eurovision 2020 after the competition was cancelled due to the world health pandemic. The song they were selected with in 2020 was On Fire.

You can see The Roop and the acts that qualifed from Heat 2 below.

Source: ESC Covers; eurovision.tv

Lithuania: 5 acts qualify from Heat 1 of ‘Pabandom iš naujo!’ selection

Flag of Lithuania

The long road to the 2021 Eurovision has begun in Lithuania with Heat 1 of the national selection, Pabandom iš naujo! Five acts have qualified for to the semi-finals.

The five acts to qualify are –

  • Voldemars Petersons – Never Fall For You Again 
  • Titas & Benas – No
  • Martyna – Thank You Very Much
  • Milita – Shadows
  • Be U – Love Yourself 

You can see the above acts below with their performances.

Source: ESC Covers

Nicole Hammett has more online festival success…and participates in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020

nicole 119642116_3951446548205853_4736143495516457481_n 119745281_3951446551539186_8171855027490629561_n

Nicole Hammett has had more wonderful recognition and success by winning the SONATA OF THE STARS (previously known as Kaunas Talent, Lithuania). The festival was held online this year because of the current world health situation.

Nicole also gave a very impressive performance at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020 in Malta with her dramatic and passionate song Eku by Emil Calleja Bayliss and Mark Spiteri Lucas.

ESC Covers congratulates Nicole on her success and forthcoming ventures.

You can see Nicole perform Eku below.

Source: ESC Covers; Net tv

The Roop releases new ‘Keista Draugystė (Matto remix)’


The Roop have released a new version of their song Keista Draugystė (Strange friendship). It is the Matto remix. It is a catchy upbeat mix of the track.

Keista Draugystė (Matto remix) is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores.

The Roop were selected to represent Lithuania at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with On Fire, but of course this did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can see the official music video for Keista Draugystė (Matto remix) below.

Source: ESC Covers

Jurijus releases new single ‘Apie ją’

ju 71uaarejcsl-_ss500_

Jurijus is back with a new song and it is called Apie ją (About her). It is a contemporary song with a powerful production with an almost 80s feel.

It was at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest that Jurijus represented Lithuania with Run With The Lions.

You can see the official video clip for Apie ją below. The track is available to stream or purchase from most digital stores.

Source: ESC Covers