2021 Eurovision in review


Victoria – ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’

Following a well thought out and successful marketing campaign designed to give maximum publicity to all six of her mini album songs, ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ was eventually revealed as the choice for Eurovision 2021.

Love it or hate it, teen angst ridden songs riding on the popularity of Billie Eilish are likely to be a feature of Eurovision for some years to come and as I commented in my Roxen review, the positive upside for those that dislike this type of music is that ‘catering for, and being relevant to, a new younger audience will ensure that the contest  thrives for many years to come’.

Stylistically, both in terms of song structure and vocal delivery, there can be no question that at the very least, Victoria has taken quite a bit of ‘inspiration’ from the aforementioned green haired megastar, but that having been said, throughout the history of modern music, how many truly original artist have there been that have not been influenced or borrowed from those that have come before?

‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ is perhaps the least melancholy of the six songs presented and the one likely to have the widest appeal. With Victoria having already stated Eurovision staging plans played a big part in the song being selected, expect something that will stand out from the crowd on the stage in Rotterdam.

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