2021 Eurovision in review


Lesley Roy – ‘Maps’

Take the song you were due to send in 2020, alter the song structure a little, change the lyrics, shoot and new video and Voila!, Ireland is ready to go again in 2021.

The only way was up after the last place finish in semi final 2 in 2019, so Lesley Roy’s ‘The story of my life’ in 2020 was generally well received and given the similarities, there is no reason to expect that ‘Maps’ also will not succeed in finding an appreciative audience in 2021.

‘Maps’  is a very likable (if a little dated) pop song that makes good use of the beautiful Irish landscape in the music video to  direct  attention to the subtle ethnic undertones hinted at within the arrangement.  As such, it is such a shame that Ireland didn’t take the decision to deliver the song in Gaelic, which would might have elevated it to another level.


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