2021 Eurovision in review


The Roop – ‘Discoteque’

Only three things in life are certain: birth, death and the fact that The Roop would win the Lithuania selection for Eurovision 2021.

A year ago, Lithuania found itself in the unusual position of having a realistic chance of winning the contest with The Roop ‘On Fire’, after they and the two other pre-show favourites Iceland and Russia had successful managed to tap into the Zeitgeist and produce quirky songs with Tik Tok friendly dance routines that very quickly went viral.

Disaster struck, fast forward one year and Eurovision fans (along with a large percentage of the Lithuainain population) are eagerly awaiting the release of The Roop’s 2021 entry hoping that they will not only be able to deliver another idiosyncratic, yet accessible song, but more importantly, they would also be able to choreograph and incorporate another equally silly dance routine.

Well, those fears can now be laid to rest, as not only is ‘Discoteque’ a more dynamic song than ‘On Fire’ but; for the most part, with it having at least some relevance to the song, the Tik Tok friendly dance routine actually feels much less contrived than that of its predecessor.

Visual enhancements have been made too as we move into full Technicolor. The bright yellow suits worn in the video promising some dynamic and exciting staging come May.

This is dark disco for the pandemic era The Pet shop boys meet Depeche mode ‘Let’s discoteque, right at my home, It is okay to dance alone’

Only three things in life are certain: birth, death and the fact that The Roop could well be in with a very good chance of winning Eurovision 2021.


‘I think this song will get people to relive some of their memories of their discotheque days’

Roy 7/10
Ian 7/10
Barry  7.5/10


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