2021 Eurovision in review


Montaigne – ‘Technicolour’

Taking a leaf from Madonna’s book, who after reposting her abysmal  Tel Aviv Eurovision interval performance, proved that anything can be fixed in a studio after the event, so Montaigne’s slightly shaky vocal performance at her debut of ‘Technicolour’ at Mardi Gras has re-appeared on the official YouTube channel complete with a shiny new vocal track.

And therein lies the crux of the problem.  Many had similar concerns about Montaigne’s vocals at her 2020 National final performance and a far superior performance will be required at Eurovision if Australia is to place well.

Vocal concerns aside, the ‘studio’ version of the song is a good listen and a much more engaging pop outing than the slightly quirky ‘Don’t break me’ .

The quality of the song along with the fact that Montaigne is very talented performer visually, will no doubt ensure that the song attracts a solid contingent of fans who will get behind it in Rotterdam.



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