2021 Eurovision in review


Stefania – ‘Last Dance’

And the prize for most improved entry for returning artists from 2020 goes to Stefania.

After the distinctly ordinary ‘Super Girl’ which failed to successfully incorporate an ethnic Greek sound into a modern dance song, The (same) writers have this year delivered something much more suited to Stefania’s talents and pop sensibilities.

Sometimes you just need to abandon deep meaningful messages to produce something that is just fun and enjoyable and ‘Last Dance’ nails it on that front.

This is pure upbeat 140 BPM dance pop,  it’s Zoe – ‘Loin d’ici’ minus several bags of sugar and a little bit of ‘Never ending story’ thrown in for good measure.

The song is very likely to be making an appearance in may fans top 10 lists,  but with a patchy recent record at Eurovision , one can only hope the juries don’t scupper Stefania’s chances of progressing to the final and securing Greece’s best result in years, come May.

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