2021 Eurovision in review


Fyr & Flamme – ‘Øve Os På Hinanden’

Pop your tongue in your check, imagine your back in the 80’s at a wedding and the local wham wanabees step on stage – grab yourself a glass of bubbly because we’re off to Eurovision 2021 with Denmark.

Not being an expert on the Danish psyche, I have no idea if this was chosen because they though it would be a lighthearted bit of fun to alleviate the stress of lock-down during Covid, as a joke, or because this is what your average Dane actually enjoys listening to.

On the upside, it’s been a few years since we have had any truly cringe worthy  entries to put a smile on the face and this year looks like we may heading for a bit of a bumper crop of null points. 

So, keep that tongue firmly pressed into your check, count your blessings and enjoy.


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