2021 Eurovision in review


TiX – ‘Fallen Angel’

On the same evening as the sole rock band entry criteria for Eurovision was fulfilled by Finland – Norway, seized its opportunity to nab another of the Eurovision memes and unceremoniously dumped KEiino to ensure they claimed the ‘bloke wearing wings’ slot for this year’s contest with TIX ‘Fallen Angels’.


Whilst the performance was visually entertaining; albeit predictably featuring an Angel and dancing Demons, the song sounds very much like it has been lifted from a mid 2000’s MySpace page.

Echo’s of the electronic pop of that era by Owl City and lesser know artists like Play Radio Play! abound here – just not quite as good.

Certainly there is not much to dislike, the retro vibe is fun and the song is highly inoffensive, but I suspect I may not be alone in thinking that this may well struggle to qualify for the final in May.

National Final Performance

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