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2021 Eurovision in review

2021 Eurovision in review – 41 countries and songs.

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Ukraine chooses Go_A – ШУМ (SHUM) for Eurovision 2021

Despite earlier denials that the recently released ‘Shum’ would be GO_A’s song  for Eurovision 2021,  the Ukraine public broadcaster today announced that the song had indeed been chosen as their entry for this years contest.

Late last week, the jury members who would decide which song GO_A would perform  were revealed and earlier today ‘Shum’ was announced as the winner.

Only yesterday snippets of the three songs submitted by the band for consideration to the jury had been released.  Those in contention were:

“Rano” (Рано)
“Tserkovka” (Церковка)

A competition version of the song  and a new video clip will be released in  March.

The full original version can be watched below: