2021 Eurovision in review


Natalia Gordienko – ‘Sugar’

As in 2018 and 2020 Phillipp Kirkorov is back to sprinkle his Russian magic dust over Moldova  with their 2021 entry ‘Sugar’

Borrow from Ukraine by taking a pinch of Maruv ‘Siren song’, throw it into the most colourful video ever seen outside of Junior Eurovision, add a touch of ‘support the Moldova because they are underdogs’, mix it all with a good up-tempo dance number and  voila! you have a by the numbers ready to go product that should appeal to the maximum number of fans possible.

Kirkarov will no doubt be looking bring his considerable experience to bear in trying to emulate his 2018 ‘My Lucky Day’ feat of raising a mediocre song to new heights through clever staging, and in that respect,  given that the song this time around is far superior, he may well succeed in once again seeing Moldova on the left hand side of the scoreboard.


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