2021 Eurovision in review


Elena Tsagrinou – ‘El Diablo’

After a brief hiatus in 2020, Cyprus is has once again decided to try and emulate the successful pop/dance style that almost y brought them victory in 2018 with Eleni Foureira ‘Fuego’

The problem with emulation is that it can lead  to diminishing returns and whilst the very aptly named  Tamta – ‘Replay’  – which some fans harshly labelled as ‘Fuego 2’, enjoyed some success, is the formula may well be wearing a little thin in 2021.

Judged on its own merits ‘El Diablo’ is certainly a decent enough, well produced and polished dance track that has some moments that take you by surprise and the religious controversy that has surround its release will no doubt help rather than hinder ensuring  as many people as possible get to listen to the song.  

Many Eurovision fans will lap this up and with some energetic  and well choreographed staging by an obviously very talented artist in Elena Tsagrinou,  expect this to make its way to the final in May.


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