2021 Eurovision in review


Jeangu Macrooy – ‘Birth Of A New Age’

Songs that tap into topical issues of the day are not new to Eurovision and some, most recently Netta ‘Toy’ which timed it’s release perfectly with the ‘MeToo’ movement, can ride that wave to go on and do extremely well.

It is therefore no surprise that at least one entry from this year’s crop is taking at least some inspiration from the Black Live Matter campaign, step forward the Netherlands and ‘ Birth Of A New Age’

With the chorus delivered entirely in native African language (in this case Suriname) and there being so few African points of reference in popular culture, on first listening,  my first thoughts were to liken the song to something that might climax a Marvel Black Panther movie with Wakandan’s as far as the eyes can see singing their anthem of struggle and ultimate victory.

This is not your typical instant Eurovision pop, this is different and in this case different is most definitely good,  The more you listen the more you will enjoy and appreciate the strong message of this song which reads like a list of the methods used to subjugate black culture and identity.

If Eurovision really is the cultural home to diversity and the audience embraces this song, perhaps an unexpectedly high placing for this song may transpire in Rotterdam? 


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