2021 Eurovision in review


Barbara Pravi – ‘Voila’

From the opening bars it is apparent that this is an homage to France, to the chanson tradition, to Brel, to Aznavour and of course the legendary French chanteuse, Edith Piaf.

Here we are transported back in time and one can well imagine oneself sitting in a pre-war music hall in Paris watching this frail chanteuse, lit by a single spotlight, bearing her soul to the rapt audience.

As Pravi has so adequately demonstrated with her 2 Junior Eurovision writing credits ‘Bim Bam Toi‘ and ‘J’Imagine‘, she has the ability write lyrics in her native tongue that fully utilize the inherent rhythms of French language.

Here though, rather than the musings of an adolescent falling in love for the first time or a young girl hoping for a brighter future, Pavi, in the true chanson tradition, reflects on her own journey to self enlightenment demanding acceptance for who she is “Viola, Viola, Viola, this is who I am”.

As the pre-show favourite it would appear that France has chosen wisely and a drop in the odds at bookmakers (briefly placing France as the favourites) would seem to confirm this.

Certainly France should have ‘No Regrets‘ with its choice and  if the wider Eurovision audience embraces the nostalgia France is offering, this could perform well in May  – comme ci  or comme ça, we shall see – et voila!


The song VOILA is a little “too” French for me. My musical taste lies more to the German and Swedish schlager. But as Portugal has proved with their 2017 entry, there may be a longing back to the old days and this song may just surprise.

Barry 7/10
Roy 5/10
Ian 6/10


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