2021 Eurovision in review

San Marino

Senhit  –  ‘Adrenalina’

To use a football analogy, San Marino are a lot of peoples favourite second  team, everyone can feel sympathy and support an underdog, but whilst the combination of somewhat dated songs and creative staging on a budget has put a smile on many Eurovision fans faces for over 10 years, that love has rarely been converted into any kind of success, with the country only managing to qualify for the final twice in 10 attempts.

Not so this year though, as San Marino have produced an entry that looks, sounds and feels as good as anything that the ‘Big Boys’ have to offer.

Sanhit’s ‘Adrenalina’ is a classy upbeat dance track. To be sure there are hints of Azerbaijan’s 2020 entry ‘Cleopatra’ lurking just behind the surface but the unexpected appearance of US rapper Flo Rida midway through the song, take it in a different direction and add the touch of class that has been missing from so many San Marino entries in the past.


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