2021 Eurovision in review


Eden Alene – ‘Set me free’

After their disappointing performance on home soil in 2019 with Kobi Marimi ‘Home‘ , the title of which very much summed up the audience appeal of the offering, Israel has this year wisely decided to go for a song with much broader appeal.


Eden Alene with ‘Set Me Free’ has been given with the task of restoring her country to a more respectable place on the leader board and her entry ‘Set me Free’ will certainly appeal to a much wider audience than both that served up in Tel Aviv and Eden’s 2020 entry ‘Feker Libi’.

Eden’s crystal clear voice is without the doubt the star of the show here and while the song; an uptempo dance number, is foot tappingly pleasant and contains the mandatory Eurovision key change, it lacks any real punch, and is unlikely to garner the support required to see it finishing on the left hand side of the scoreboard in Rotterdam.


SET ME FREE was the best of the 3 songs on offer for the Israeli singer, but now we miss the chance of another LA LA LA at Eurovision.  SET ME FREE is also better than her 2020 song, but it is still not really my cup-a-tea.


Radio friendly pop song with some influence of the group Clean Bandit.  Some ethnic elements add to the song.  Will be interesting to see how they stage the song in Rotterdam.

Barry 5.5/10
Roy 5/10
Ian 9/10


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