2021 Eurovision in review


Ana Soklič – ‘Amen’

From the title ‘Amen’ and the first line of the chorus ‘Hallelujah, we are glorious’, regardless of whether the song is in fact 3 minutes of worship to a higher power or a song about resilience and love when things get tough, there is no avoiding the fact that religious references pervade the song from start to end.

If Eurovision USA ever happens, this would be a fine entry for middle America Bible belt country but for some Eurovision fans,  musical religious iconography is just not what they are looking for, and it may well be a major turn off for many.


That said, Ana’s vocals are certainly up to the job of delivering this powerful  ballad, the song builds nicely to a finale of heavenly choir song  and in this respect, the song may be a jury pleaser which could save it from an early semi final exit.


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