2021 Eurovision in review


Benny Cristo – ‘Amaga’

One of the trends that seems to be emerging from the handful of songs that have so far been released by artists returning from the ill fated 2020 contest, is that, all (albeit some from a lower starting bar) have managed to up their game and produce better entries than last year.

Which brings us to the latest that would fall into that category – Benny Cristo – ‘Amaga’.  No, not a reference to American politics, but rather a play on the phrase ‘Oh My God’

Unlike 2020’s ‘I’m a serious musician’ offering ‘Kemana’ , ‘Amaga’ is much more upbeat, sometimes humorous and self deprecating song and all the better for it.

This puts a smile on your face and most Eurovision fans will find something to like here, the chorus is catchy and the deep pounding drums bounce the song  along at a solid pace.  Overall the song is strong enough that with good staging on the night, it could well garner wide support from fans.


More commercial than his 2020 song.  Happy and positive pop song.

Barry 6/10
Ian  7/10


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