2021 Eurovision in review


Destiny – ‘Je Me Casse’

In the year when many of the minnows are looking in with a real chance of securing their first wins in the contest, Malta have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at this.

Gone is the pure soul sound of Destiny’s winning Junior Eurovision and 2020 entries, replaced by a song which oozes Eurovision from every pore.


With the ‘strong women’ and ‘lock down blues’ being a few of the favoured current topics for several songs in this year’s contest, Malta wisely chose the former and a song which, although very different in style,  echoes of Netta’s ‘Toy’ are recognisable in both theme and in some of the songs quirkier moments.

Destiny’s powerful vocals will no doubt ensure a memorable performance on the stage in Rotterdam and with the song having both jury and audience appeal, expect this to have a good shot at topping the leader board.

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