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ESC covers got Stephan Herholdt to design all 40 entries of the 2022 Eurovision song contest for us to have as souvenir since so few actual promo singles were released. We are receiving them in alphabetical order.  Today is the turn of AUSTRIA. Continue reading ESC COVERS EUROVISION 2022 PROMO SINGLES – AUSTRIA

ZOË & Leonardo Davi release new version of ‘Loin d’ici’

A brand new version of Loin d’ici (Far from here) has been released by ZOË & Leonardo Davi. The song has been given a 2022 makeover with some contemporary rock overtones but still retaining that pop fun factor and is ideal for radio playlists.

Continue reading ZOË & Leonardo Davi release new version of ‘Loin d’ici’


Morten Thomassen from Norway continues reporting on the rehearsals and  ESC Covers google translated his Norwegian comments into English.

You get Portugal in this round since they had to practice last today.


After an extra long break because Portugal had their training postponed due to a covid outbreak with them, our Croatian friend was released. This is a sweet song, but she probably does not manage to bring out the potential in this song in any way. It gets too bland simply, and it does not help with an uninspired artist either.


Our Danish friends who actually consist of two Swedes and two Danes should have because they try something that is very un-Danish. But, not all trials go equally well, despite the high pace, this was very tame stuff I’m afraid and it will probably hold hard for a final place this. The quiet opening sequence is actually the best part here.


90’s dance music obviously has a long life and now we have received visits from that period. Such party songs require one thing and that is a good vocalist. It’s our Austrian girlfriend far from being actually. It’s been a while since anyone has heard such bad vocals given. Sad manages this, she picks up a little vocally, but not much when she gets to practice a little more.


Someone has figured out how to perform such a song and so absolutely Norwegian Amanda has figured it out. This is magically good and here it is delivered with so much intensity and energy that you are almost put out a bit. It is very possible that this is the Norwegian participant who can take the trophy home. And you can like that.


Finally they got to try. They have one outbreak of the disease you know and it may seem like it is one of the backing singers. I like the song, it is super delicious and comfortable, but it happens so damn little in the song. You kind of wait for something to happen and unfortunately it does not.