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Via Gra release new song ‘Rodnikovaya voda’ …now with former Ukraine JESC singer

Via Gra are a very successful and longstanding girl group from Ukraine. They have just released their latest song Rodnikovaya voda (Spring water). The group now includes a former 2013 Junior Eurovision participant.

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Barbara releases her new song ‘Mirisash’


barbara bb

Barbara has released her brand new single entitled Mirisash. It is a rhythmic and upbeat radio friendly pop song with a little fun, which is just what we need at this time.

Mirisash is composed by Robert Bilbilov and Robin Zimbakov. The production is by Robert Bilbilov (Just RB Production). The music video is directed by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski.

Barbara Popović represented North Macedonia (at the time known as FYR Macedonia) at the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Ohrid i muzika.

You can see the official music video for Mirisash below.

Source: ESC Covers

‘Nesomnoyou’ – New single by #meeoo (Alexander Serikov & Olga Satsiuk)

#meeoo - Nesomnoyou
#meeoo – Nesomnoyou

A cool and soulful song for the summer of 2017 has been dropped by a duo from Belarus #meeoo (Alexander Serikov & Olga Satsiuk). The song is called Nesomnoyou (Surely) and is composed by Alexander Serikov (music) and Alexander Serikov and Olga Satsyuk (words). The sound production is by Sergey Gryazev (Serge Pitch.

Olga represented Belarus at the 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She has certainly come a long way with her music since those days.

You can hear Nesomnoyou below.

Source: YouTube/Alexander Serikov; ESC Covers