2021 Eurovision in review


Tornike Kipiani – ‘You’

12 months in lockdown seems to have mellowed the Georgian spirit because after a duo of ‘shouty man’ entries, Tornike Kipiani has returned with a far more mellow offering for Eurovision 2021.

‘You’ is laid back, relaxing ballad with Tornike  yearning for a return to and, expressing a love for nature and the great outdoors. 


Quite unexpectedly, the opening vocals are silky smooth and even as the song builds to a crescendo, Tornike’s manages to stay well within acceptable decibel levels.

This is Georgia doing what Georgia does, offering up something on its own terms that adds to the great tapestry of sounds on offer at Eurovision.   Will it light up the leader board in May, probably not, but the contest is all the better for its inclusion.

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