2021 Eurovision in review


Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið – ’10 years’

The Roop managed it and Little big chose to opt out, so the only remaining question about last year’s three pre show favourites was could Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið deliver another song to put them in contention in 2021?

First impressions of the song are that, whilst ’10 years’ lacks the instant appeal of ‘Think about things’, what Daði has managed to both produce is something that is instantly recognizable, but different enough to avoid the accusation of trying to rehash their 2020 outing.

Whereas, I personally started to grow a little tired of  ‘Think about things’ after multiple listens, I don’t believe the same will be true of ’10 years’ – quite the opposite in fact.


There is enough depth and complexity to this song that even through repeat plays  there is enough going on here to allow listeners to discovers new and interesting elements each time.

The live performance that premiered the song was impeccably delivered with on point vocals and choreography, so expect a flawless performance on the stage in Rotterdam.

Perhaps little big did the sensible thing in trying to avoid living up the expectation that has been hanging over them for the past year – only time will tell.


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