2021 Eurovision in review


Efendi – Mata Hari

Sonwriters: How much Cleopatra do you want?
Efendi – Yes.

Whilst some returning artists chose to produce something different but similar to their 2020 entries and others chose to go in a completely different direction, Azerbaijan ripped up the musical score, tore it into little pieces, threw it up into the air and then put it back together again in a slightly different order.


No doubt many fans will be able to forgive the ‘similarities’ simply because ‘Mata Hari’ has all the elements that made its predecessor a fan favourite.

But, with the ‘surprise’ element gone and the fact that the song invites comparison, I suspect that the juries might be harder to persuade.

3 thoughts on “2021 Eurovision in review”

  1. The song has great potential for a fantastic staging – could I volunteer to be one of the ice cream cones?

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